Chapter 13

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It's morning. The sun shines down the land. Terry and the rest were given a sigh of relief. The nightmare was over. The nightstalkers seemed to run away. They restocked themselves and boarded the truck. They drove off.

"How long till we get there?" Harry asked.

Jean looked at her GPS. "We're 46 km to that MIT institute because we're in Massachussets."

The whole state is crawling with infected. But as Macy observed them she said "This guys are not attacking us. They seem to be in a trance just like the Nightstalkers last night."

"You think The Inevitable has started already?" Jason asked.

"We don't know yet for sure." Harry replied.

They seem to have a casual drive along the road. The infected are not attacking them. They seem to be in a trance, even the nearby infected. There are no other mutated forms except these stereotyped running freaks.

While they're driving, they saw a building covered in large fleshy growths extruding outwards. Terry stopped the car for a second.

"That looks like it's a hive or a nest." Terry said.

"What the f**k? How is that even f**king possible. It's been a few days and the pathogen is rapidly mutating. Jason reacted.

Macy observed and recorded her notes. Terry then kept driving. After 1 hr, they finally made it to the MIT institute. The whole place is in ruins but looks like there are less infected inside.

"Guys let's split in two teams. Me and Jean will go to the upper floors. You, Jason and Harry will search the ground floor." Terry ordered.

Everbody stepped in the facility. The whole place has flickering lights, broken equipment, and 7 month old bodies literally decaying. Terry ans Jean went to the First floor. They searched the rooms for any clues but has found nothing.

Meanwhile, Jason and Macy checked the hallways for any communication devices. While Harry is searching every room and medical bay. While the three is busy, Terry and Jean went up the second floor. They found a small weird door. They opened it, and found some strange stuff but they never touched it.

"How do we even know if the missing link is still in here?" Jean asked.

"I know it's here somewhere. We just keep looking for it. Maybe on the third floor." Terry said without any chance of quitting.

They went up the third floor. They saw a door entitled: Clothing department. They took a peek inside and saw a tape and a deceased individual.

"Guys, come in. We've found the missing link. Come up here, third floor near the clothing department door." Terry called.

"Okay, we'll be right there." Macy answered.

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