Chapter 11

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Terry and Jean stepped out of the truck. Terry saw Jason's body lying on the floor.

"What the heck happened to him?" Jean asked.

"This guy shouldn't have volunteered with us. This maniac has some anger issues to me?" Harry replied.

"I'll cover him up, we don't want infected to go and ambush him." Terry grabbed a blanket and covered him and went to the store.

Upon entering, the whole store is ransacked. Everything is a whole f**king mess. Terry equipped his crossbow.

"Bandits! Keep your eyes peeled for any clubtomaniacs lying around." Terry said.

Jean and Macy went to pick food and water, Harry gathered medical supplies for a medkit as usual and Terry looking for any weapons. He finds a stash filled with rifles, pistols and ammo. He carried and went to Harry.

"Any luck?" Harry asked.

"I got a stash filled with weaponry. Too bad there's no armor or something." Terry answered with victory coursing through his mind.

Jean and Macy collects lots of canned goods and drinks. They all returned in one spot. "Got anything good? Wait what's in that bag?" Macy asked.

"Got some cool weapons in here. Not sure why would they leave a bag full of these cool s**t." Terry questioned himself.

"Got some medical supplies. I am an experienced medic during my time." Harry replied. "First Aid is number one priortity here."

"Great that's settled. We're outta here!" Macy said.

Everybody went back to the truck and loaded everything. Just as they were packing up. A nearby window shatters. Then all of a sudden, a Bull was seen.

"Holy s**t! It's the Bull!" Harry shouted loudly. His voice catched the attention of the Bull. The Bull then charges at them. They all dodge it but ending up minor damage to the truck.
"Everybody, SPREAD OUT!" Terry ordered.

The four then scatters around the bull. Macy and Harry distracts the Bull. Terry grabs his crossbow and loads it up. Harry got knocked out by the Bull and ends up scratching Macy's leg. Terry then shouts which alerted the Bull. The Bull runs towards him and at that exact moment, Terry fires his crossbow, hitting the eye and pinned down, dead.

Harry rushed to Macy and patches up her wounds. Harry carries her and helps her board the back of the truck. Terry then starts the engines and rode out.

"You okay there?" Harry asked.

"Just a wound but I'm fine." Macy replied but still in pain.

Just as things go smoothly, Jason wakes up and is suprised. "Macy, what happened to you?"

"Just got attacked by a bull-like infected." Macy replied.

"Hey, thanks for looking out for her, old man. Maybe you're not so bad after all. Don't mind my anger." Jason pleaded to Harry.

"No big deal, I'm a medic. But not a doctor. She'll be fine." Harry sighed.

Jason looks in the supplies and finds some food. He grabs a bag of chips and ate. He relaxed as they drove off in the sunset.

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