Chapter 19

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Terry keeps walking thinking to himself. "Why would those f**kers trick us?" Whatever, they're going to f**king pay for that!"

Terry keeps on going but notices large roots of flesh, making the way more tight. Terry manages to squeeze himself over the tight edges. Once he has made it to the center, he sees a Nightstalker, uprooting itself amongst the walls. Appearing to be in a trance, Terry manages to plant the bomb, later on emitting a loud beep.

The nightstalker wakes up from it's trance. He's outer layer begins to mutate and breaks itself on the roots. Eventually transformed into an Alpha Nightstalker.

"Holy s**t!"

The Alpha roars in the air. Terry immediately activates his flashlight. The Alpha retreated. Terry pressed the trigger.

"Guys, the bomb is armed, get out of here!" Terry ordered.

"But we can't leave you!" Harry replied.

"Just f**king do it already!" Terry answered back.

Without hesitation, Harry and Jean left the nest. Terry runs to the exit until he got grabbed by the Alpha and threw him on the ground. He shines again his light, repelling it.

"S**t! Power's at 29%. Gotta use the old fashioned way."

Terry puts on his mask and turned on his headlights. He arms his rifle. The Alpha charges at him but manages to dodge. Terry fires at it's head until at the legs. The Alpha lunges at Terry but manages to kick it and shines his flashlight, again repelling it. He keeps on firing until it was knocked out. That should give him enough time to escape.

"This is a total s**tload of hell!" Terry replied.

"Hey, Terr, the bomb is gonna detonate in 2 minutes. Get outta there man." Harry said feeling worried.

Meanwhile Terry was near the exit the Alpha lunges at him again. He grabs a grenade and throws it at it's mouth. The Alpha swallowed it. It shrieked until it exploded, sending a lot of gore and blood flying into the air.

He managed to kill an Alpha Nightstalker. Before he could celebrate, more nightstalkers came rushing in. Terry makes his way to the exit and leaves the building.

"Terry, you made it!" Harry sighed.

"Just in time for this wonderful show. Put on your glasses."

The bombs counted at 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,0 and all of a sudden, a bright flash emerges at the speed of light almost like a nuclear bomb being detonated. After the light shine for 8 seconds, the whole nest was obliterated, the fleshy growths have been disintegrated.

"The nest is down!" Yes! Take that motherf***ers!" Harry screamed and cursed all he want.

"Guys, check this out." Jean said.

We turned to see that every infected are killing themselves while some are almost disintegrated by the UV light. Every infected starts to kill themselves.

Every infected in America are killing themselves. The Leader was astonished and suprised. Everybody cheered as they watched every infected die of themselves.

Terry got a call and answered it "Well done, well done!" I knew you'd do it!" The leader said.

"Yeah. We did it." Terry replied. He ended the call.

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