Chapter 16: Beautiful talents

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That fan art makes me so happy, it combines two of my favourite things, Pokémon and BTS.

I pulled Namjoon and Jungkook into the living room "Okay boys, what are you're strengths boys? Apart form being rather attractive." Both boys blushed as they sat down on the sofa. "Well my previous owner once said I had a high IQ, what ever that means." Namjoon mumbled, his grey ears twitching. "What number did she say your IQ was?" "Hmmm I think it was 148?" Smiling I gently grabbed his cheeks "Joonie, what's pi in its entirety?" Namjoon looked me directly in the eye "3.14159265359 why?" I smiled " Joonie, most people can't do that, Joonie you're a genius!" I smiled and kissed his forehead "what else can you do?" Namjoon had a expression of deep thought on his face "Well I can speak English, and I can kind of rap?" My eyes lit up, "Namjoon could you maybe rap a little something?" He nodded smiling bashfully, albeit confidently "I'll start brainstorming now." Namjoon flew out the room to his room and closed the door. "Noona, what about meeeeee?" Jungkook whined, grabbing at the bottom, of my shirt. "Now my little Kookie, what can you do, apart from being the most adorable Bun ever?" I asked as I stroked his velvet soft ears. "Mmm Noona stop, that tickles.." I smiled "Kookie, have you ever tried singing?" He shook his head "Bun, sing something for me."

"Mmmh you sound beautiful Bun." You can sing for my parents, I can even give you one of my mother and I's favourite songs, how about that?" Jungkook nodded smiling widely "of course Noona, I'd love too." I left the room momentarily and grabbed my laptop from my room. "Kookie here's the song, you think you can sing it?" Jungkook nodded, his ears flopping back and forth. "Noooonaaaaa, Hobi Hyung and I want you to watch our dance routine!" Jimin called from the dining room. Smiling at Jungkook I walked into the dinning room, to see that Jimin and Hoseok has pushed the dining table and all the chairs to one side of the room "I hope you don't mind that we moved all the furniture, we needed the room.." "that's fine boys, right show me what you've got."
Jimin and Hoseok stood in front of me, having just finished. "Boys that was amazing! You have such talent." Jimin smiled and bounced over to me, enveloping me in a tight, warm hug. "Thank you Noona." Jimin purred out as he snuggled further into me "Minnie, do you like hugs and cuddles? Because you seem to do it a lot.." I mumbled absentmindedly "oh yes Noona I really love cuddles, particularly yours, but if it annoys you I can stop if you want..." he trailed off "aww Minnie, I love your hugs and cuddles, your like a big baby, or a cuddly teddy bear." Jimin smiled and curled his tail around my arm. "Boys, I'd love to stay here all day but I've got to go with Yoongi and buy him a piano." Both hybrids nodded and continued to practice the dance for my parents.
Knocking delicately on Yoongi and Seokjin's bedroom door , just in case Yoongi was asleep, after hearing a muffled "come in!" I opened the door and saw Yoongi sprawled out on his bed, his mint hair messy, lightly rubbing the sleep out his eyes "Oh did I wake you up?" He shook his head "No Baby, you didn't I was just waking up from a nap, so your timing is perfect." He smiled up at me, which I returned "I was thinking that we could go find you that piano now, since I'm pretty sure Jinnie can look after the others." Yoongi smiled and nodded standing from his bed, shedding his shirt as he did so, causing me to cover my eyes with my hands, the panther hybrid chucked "oh come on Baby." My hands were still firmly planted in front of my eyes, I heard some light shuffling and then a light, hot breath on my ear "It's nothing you haven't seen before." Yoongi whispered in a guttural deep voice. Causing the blush of embarrassment that had accumulated on my cheeks to worsen even more. Yoongi chuckled and then patted me on the shoulder "I've got a shirt on now, lets go." I opened my eyes too see Yoongi in a cream cardigan, black jeans and a white shirt with a black splatter pattern on it.

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