Chapter 15: Petal blizard

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Baby Jungoo! Honestly he's such a squishy baby. I can't handle that he's a Hyung now, he just irradiates this huge baby boy energy. I mean the Vlive he did after SNL. Such a baby boy. (Also the SNL performances were cool)
Also something else to ask, how do we all feel about Map of the Soul? I personally really like it.

Once I reached my room and not so delicately ragdolled onto the bed, I heard the sound of some timid footsteps behind me. "N-Noona? Are you awake?" Jungkook waddled up to my bed, letting out a groan of effort, I flipped myself onto my back, "what do you need, BunBun?" Jungkook shivered slightly, and shifted from foot to foot slightly. "N-Noona~" he whined as he lay down on the bed next to me on his side, curling up into me, gripping at my shirt, placing his head on my collarbone. "It's too hot~" It was only now that I realised that Jungkook's cheeks were heavily flushed, his ears were pinned back slightly and he kept shuffling his feet. "Aww Bun, Are you going into heat?" I asked in the most soothing voice I could muster, the bunny hybrid only nodded, curling up tighter. "Aww Bun come here let Noona help." I gently lay Jungkook down on the bed, his large doe eyes looking up at me, with a air of innocence, he whimpered slightly "shhh, Noona's here Bun."

I woke up to the sound of something flopping into the floor, followed by a loud whine. "Jungkook? Are you okay?" I asked rolling over to se a very disheveled bunny. "'M fine Noona, I jus' rolled to far." I laughed under my breath and stroked his floppy ear "Noona! Wake up, Jin Hyung is makin-" Taehyung burst into my room he stopped in his tracks his mouth hung open "Jungkookie? Did you mate with Noona?" Jungkook blushed and nodded causing Tae's tail to begin to wag "ooooh I can't wait to tell Yoongi Hyung!" Taehyung dashed out the room "HYUNG! HYUNG! HYUNG!" I heard him shout as he barrelled through the apartment. Sighing I stood form my bed, helping a still rather sleepy Jungkook "come on you big baby, we need to go eat, I even think I saw some banana milk in the fridge." Suddenly Jungkook sprung up and was dashing out the room. As I entered the dining room I saw Jungkook, Jimin and Namjoon all sitting at the table, Jungkook sipping some banana milk, swinging his legs back and forth. "N-Noona! You smell of bunny did Kookie scent you without us!" He yelled innocently, Namjoon smirked "I think that they did more then that Minnie." I felt my cheeks burn, I saw Jungkook's cheeks go a rather dark shade of scarlet, without much more spoken between the four of us, I sat down at the table, as a rather flustered and stressed looking Jin entered the room "(Y/N), my dear could you PLEASE call Yoongi in here because if I have to move him off one mor counter then I. Am. Going. To. LOSE IT!" He screamed that last particular part in the general direction of the kitchen "oh and good morning Kookie." Jin said as he stalked back into the kitchen "Yoongi! Can you please leave Jin alone?" I called, as a black panther came striding in his head held high, a slight swish to his hips and tail, he sat next to me and rested his head on my thigh, as I looked back up at the hybrids around the table, Yoongi had shifted back "I didn't lie on the counters to sleep, I just did it to annoy Jin." He smirked, the corner of his lip turning up ever so slightly, frowning I swat at his head "show respect to your elders!" I whisper harshly into his ear "Hey! I was napping there first." I sighed, rolling my eyes, as Taehyung and Hoseok trickled in. "Morning (Y/N)."Hoseok mumbled as he slipped into a seat between Namjoon and Jimin. "Morning Hobi, Yoongi go sit on a chair, sitting there isn't good for your neck or back." Groaning all the way to his seat, Yoongi begrudgingly sat down, leaning his chin on the table. Jin wadded in and dished out breakfast, as we ate, Namjoon cleared his throat. "Ahem, (Y/N), your parents are most likely coming some time over the weekend, we can prepare for the rest of this week, I was thinking last night, what if we all try and impress your dad? Like we all have a talent to show off? That may cause him to change his mind." The remaining six hybrids looked deep in thought "that may work, Seokjin Hyung can cook dinner, Hoseokie Hyung is really good at dancing, So is Jiminie." Taehyung spoke up with a large smile, his tail hitting the sides of his chair with rhythmic thumps "I can play piano, I don't know if that helps.." Yoongi shyly raised his voice "my mother taught me, before I was sent to the adoption centre, and they let me play on occasion." He said with a faint simile "Yoongi, why didn't you tell me, I could have brought you one." Yoongi's ears flicked slightly on his head, as his cheeks gained a puce tint to his face. "I didn't want you going out of your way to do something like that for me." I sighed and walked around the table to hug him from behind, placing a gentle kiss on the crown of his head "don't say that Yoonie." Yoongi smiled and nodded in silent compliance. "Oh Noona! My old master's sister used to make me sing for her! I could sing, she used to call me her little songbird!" Taehyung said excitedly his tail hitting his chair with even more ferocity. "Calm down Baby, you're going to break the chair." The final two hybrids, Jungkook and Namjoon looked both lost in thought and slightly dejected. "N-Noona, o don't think I have any special skills..." Jungkook had tears collecting in his eyes "yeah, (Y/N) I don't think I do either, all I'm good for is being clumsy.." they both looked so small and vulnerable sitting there, without thinking I grasped both their hands "Well Joonie, like you said, we have 'till the weekend to find out what your skill is."

Whoooop done
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