Chapter 8: Enlignten me

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After I walked back into the shop with Jungkook and picked out some glitches that I thought would suit him, we all hopped back on the bus, and made our way to the supermarket

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After I walked back into the shop with Jungkook and picked out some glitches that I thought would suit him, we all hopped back on the bus, and made our way to the supermarket. "Right to make this easier I've given Jinnie half the list of things we need, Jiminie, Hoseok and Taehyung you three will go with him Kookie, Yoongi and Joonie will come with me." We split into our different teams "now boys, please be nice and listen to Jinnie, otherwise no cuddles for the next four days." The now slightly scared hybrids nodded quickly and followed Jin as he pushed a trolley into the isles.
As I walked through the bread aisle trying to find my regular loaf along with some other baked good such as cookies, and muffins. "Jungkook, can you please go a few aisle over and grab a few white radishes?" The bunny nodded and dashed off to go get the requested item. "That new kid is...different, he's a little shy and awkward and he keeps staring at my thighs..." Namjoon said with a faint smile on his face, I nodded "he's been through a lot, he's either not been in contact with a lot of other hybrids, or the ones he did have contact with weren't exactly kind to him." Yoongi added.
Jungkook then came bounding back round the corner with at least four radishes tucked in his arms. "Wow well done Kookie, that's exactly the amount I needed!" I smiled proudly and stroked his hair. "N-No problem N-Noona..." he blushed, looking at the ground. "Ok right now we need...(f/s)." (favourite soda) I pushed the cart about four aisles down, I could only find some litre bottles I picked up two and deposited them in the trolley.
After a bit more shopping I met up with Jin's shopping group "Nooona~ I was really good and I listened to Jinnie and I was really helpful." Jimin's called as he clung to me like a koala. "Jimin, are you sure your not a koala hybrid?" Jimin shook his head and just buried his face into my neck. "Okay lets pay for all this and then my babies can get all the cuddles." Taehyung's tail began wagging, Jimin's hugged me tighter, Namjoon smiled, his dimples appearing, Jin wrapped his arms around my waist, Hoseok hopped around with a large smile on his face and Yoongi, although he naturally doesn't show a lot of emotion, he had a large gummy smile on his face.
Once I got home and put away all the shopping I entered the living room to find all the hybrids situated somewhere on the sofa. "Noona come sit in between me and Kookie!" Taehyung called smiling I sat myself down between them, Taehyung immediately wraping his arms around my waist. Jimin turned into his cat and sat on my lap, Jungkook slightly snuggled into the heat I gave off "Jungkookie, you can cuddle if you want I'm not gonna mad." Jungkook didn't need much more convincing, as he lifted my arm and lay himself against my shoulder. Namjoon and Hoseok lent against my legs, as they sat on the floor, Yoongi and Jin lay across Tae and Jungkook legs and lay their heads on the parts of my thighs that Jimin didn't take up. Hey (Y/N) I've just realised, you know our stories,  it we don't know yours." Yoongi whispered quietly whilst I slowly stroked his small black ears softly. "Well there's not much to tell Yoonie..." Yoongi looked up at me with his eyebrows slightly furrowed "oh really? Enlighten me." I sighed. "Well I grew up in (h/c) (home country) I moved to Seoul when I turned 22, but every winter I make a trip home to see my family, I have four older brothers, which is why I have so many items of guys clothing, and multiple spare rooms." All the boys were looking at me with very inquisitive looks on their faces. "I've never had a hybrid before, but my aunt did, she treated her as a daughter, so when I found Jinnie I felt like I needed to protect him, he was so small." I slowly brushed my hand through Jin's hair. "Joonie, was hurt and I wanted to help, but I found out about his home life I wanted to give him some support." His large grey tail thumped against the floor happily "Yoongi, we he looked sad, even in his panther form, he nodded a home environment where he wouldn't be judged." Yoongi let out a involuntary purr and wrapped his tail around Taehyung's knee. "Jimin and Seokie weren't allowed outside without someone non-hybrid with them to buy food...I wanted them to not be afraid of being different, to have freedom." Jimin lightly pushed his head into my stomach, eyes closed something close to a smile on his fluffy cat face. Hoseok tilted his head back and gave me a large smile. "Taehyungie was being abused, no way I could even think for a minute about letting him stay with his old owner, who now has no way of locating him, as we left his collar where we found him, and I bet the man was too drunk to recall my face if he went to the police, that and it was pretty dark." I slowly ran my hand through his hair, stroking the base of his floppy ears as I did so making him slowly lean into my hand. "And lastly Jungkookie, he just seemed scared and needed somewhere comforting to nurture his personality." I found all of the boys looking at me with happy smiles on their faces "thank you (Y/N) for helping us all." They all chorused I felt tears well in my eyes, closing my eyes and rubbing them with the backs of my hands I felt seven warm pairs of lips all over my face and head, along with a few comforting hands running up and down my spine, along my shoulders, arms or twirling strands of my hair around their fingers. "We love you (Y/N)."

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