Chapter 18: A simple dream

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Hi everyone how are we all doing? So I was doin a think and my think was should I do some sort of question of the day? So you guys get to know a bit more about me, and stuff like that, cause you all seem like a nice bunch of humans if you want to ask me anything leave a comment and I'll answer a question or two next time?
As me and Jin shuffled into the kitchen and began organising the ingredients, I heard something that sounded like a window being cleaned "(Y/N)....your mother.." Jin couldn't get through his entire sentence without giggling "she's so badass!" He snickered whilst cutting up some vegetables for the Korean BBQ that I assumed we were having due to me looking in the fridge for Diet Coke earlier in the week and saw a surplus of pork, beef and vegetables. "Now Jinnie, what do you want me to do? I can, sort out the drinks, if you'd like?" Jin nodded still chortling to himself as I grabbed some soft drink cans and a small bottle of banana milk for a certain bunny.
"Here we go, Jungkook don't drink that so fast, you'll get hiccups." You stroked the bunny's soft ears as he sucked happily on the straw, as he sat in your lap swinging his legs back and fort. "So Mrs (L/N)-" "oh please, call me Karen." Namjoon nodded and blushed "Ok then, Karen, you really seem really close with (Y/N), but her farther doesn't? Why's that?" Namjoon tilted his head to the side, his big grey ears flopping on top of his head. "Ah I see, well form a young age my little (Y/N), she adored hybrids, it was her dream, you know, to open up a hybrid shelter, where we live in (H/C) (home country) there were lots of stray hybrids, she used to use all pocket money on a group of hybrids that lived in one of the alleyways near our home." My mum had a nostalgic smile on her face, as I felt mine heat up. Jimin smiled, his eyes practically disappearing, into crescent moons "so that's why you wanted to help us all so badly." I nodded, hiding my face in between Jungkook's shoulder blades. "Awww Noona, don't get all shy, come her and give me snuggles." Taehyung whined "Taehyung don't, we have guests, well a guest, who happens to be (Y/N)'s mother, not that I don't like snuggles, but we have to wait." Yoongi mumbled as he curled up more into the cushions, hugging one to his chest. My mother chuckled "you boys remind me of my Labrador hybrid I had in my youth, he was Korean as well, hence why I can speak to you guys." She explained, "but sadly, around the time me and were getting incredibly close your father entered the picture, his father, (Y/N)'s grandfather, was new in town, he was replacing the old mayor, he brought in a load of legislation, against hybrids, my poor boy, he was taken away, there was nothing I could do, I promised that I would always allow my children to have a hybrid. And originally Clive was against his father's ideas, but then one day, he was attacked by some of the hybrids, the ones that hid themselves away when the law changed. He's hated them ever since.." my mum trailed off. All the boys looked saddened by the story "FOODS READY, I HAVE MADE THE TASTIEST KOREAN BBQ EVER, why does everyone look so sad?" Jin burst in with tongs in his hand and the sound of sizzling meat behind him.
After retelling Jin the story, we all sat down to eat. "Wow Seokjin, this is amazing, your cooking tastes like something out of a four star restaurant!" Jin preened under the praise of my mother "I agree Jinnie, you're a amazing chef, I'm so proud of you." I smiled as I tickled him behind his ear. Whilst we ate Jin received various compliments from everyone else around the table
A two hours later, my mother patted her ruby lips with a napkin "Well I must be dashing, your father has booked us a hotel a block away, so I shall be there if you need me, thank you for having me and (Y/N)?" I sucked in a breath "yes? "Look after these boys, they're angels." And with that she left.
I smiled the rest of the evening whilst I got ready for bed, or as some of the boys put it, snuggle time. Once I entered my room from the bathroom I saw all seven boys lying in various places in the room, mostly in or around my bed "Noona! Where we good today? Was I the bestest pup ever? Was I?" Tae bounded up to me the moment I opened the door, a large grin on his face his tail whipping back and forth, hitting his thighs. "You Mr Taehyung, were the best boy in the entire world, I'm so proud of you and your singing. I'm so proud of all of you, you're all such good boys, come here I'll give you all some kisses, you all deserve them." I saw all the boys visibly melt after they heard my praises, "Taehyungie, Pup, I love you, but calm down you're wagging your tail so much your whole body's moving!" I laughed as Taehyung shimmed left to right in time with his tail. I moved towards my bed and sat in the middle of all seven of them, Jungkook instantly curing up in my lap, causing me to let out a little grunt of pain as both my thighs receive the unexpected weight. "Right who wants kisses?" I asked teasingly and six of the seven all either shuffled closer or shouted "Me!" I noticed that Yoongi had neither moved closer or shouted but his tail was shaking back and forth as he sat looking on at us "Yoonie, come here." He smirked and shuffled forward "I know you're a soft baby Yoongi, no need to be all tough, I can see your tail you know." Yoongi's cheeks flushed red as he sent his tail a accusatory glare. Once he turned back around his cheeks were still read and his lip stuck out in a pout "Noonaaaaaaa, Yoongi Hyung looks like a strawberryyyyyy." Jungkook tried to whisper in your ear, but failing as he was just speaking in mock whisper, almost like he wanted Yoongi to hear him.... "you're lucky you're the youngest, rabbit, and that you're on (Y/N)'s lap......stupid.......floppy eared........" Yoongi trailed off grumbling to himself, a deeper shade of red coating his neck and cheeks. "Yoongiiiiii, don't be mean to the baby, he doesn't know any better." Hoseok whined trying to pull Yoongi out of his grumblings. "Oh if he's the baby then I better hold him like this!" I then preceded to flip Jungkook into his back and rock him like a baby, kissing him all over his face. "Joonie you next." Namjoon sidled up to my right side and turned my face to face his face "Darling, you look so beautiful, and you have such a inspirational dream, as a pack we promise to make that dream come true." And with that Namjoon placed the hand that was playing with my hair on the back of my head and pulled me in, the kiss was so different from the soft inexperienced one from before, it was dominant and passionate, but equally as clumsy. "Thank you Joonie." I rasped out as we parted. Jimin was next, his lips where as plush and full as I remembered. This was swiftly followed buy Yoongi, who's kisses were just as dominant as Namjoon, he even managed to slip his tongue in, which earned him a light pat on the thigh "sorry Baby." He chuckled as he slunk off, changing his form as he went. Taehyung hopped in next "Noooonaaa me next, me next! I want Noona kisses!" He smiled closing his eyes and puckering his lips expectantly. "Such a needy boy..." I whispered, knowing he heard me,but knowing it was all in jest, the kiss was short and sweet, mainly cause Tae was so excited he ran out of air. "No fairrrr I wanted a longer kissss." He rolled about on the bed a pout on his ever adorable lips. "Well Taehyungie if I gave you another kiss that wouldn't be fair on your brothers would it?" He shook his head, still pouting "I knowwww...." I clicked my fingers and then said "Tae how about to and Jimin go snuggle with Yoongi, he's all alone down the cold end of the bed." Tae jumped up embracing the very irked panther, who had just been woken up by not one, but two people jumping on him as Jimin had quickly joined Taehyung. "Hyungie! Cuddle me, with those big panther paws!" Jimin squealed as he too changed form and placed himself in between Yoongi's large black front legs, (low key want to see fan art of this Calico cat Jimin looking so happy whilst panther Yoongi looks annoyed and sleepy) Corgi Taehyung slowly climbed up onto Yoongi's back his paws dangling onto the bed. Hoseok was next, his kiss was energetic but soft, a mix of sporadic moments, but soft touches from his lips, very nice. Once Hoseok had bounded off, changing into a otter to curl up with Jimin, whilst Namjoon just chuckled from his position beside me, at how ever increasingly pissed off Yoongi was looking, poor baby loves his brothers, I could tell, but he just wanted to sleep, Jungkook tugged on the front of my shirt causing me to look at him "aww my baby Bun was such a good boy, here's your kiss." I leaned down and gently connected our lips, he made a slight audible gasp-y moaning noise, like he wasn't expecting the kiss, his lips quivered as he gently reached his arms up to gently wrap around my neck. "Noona....I love you...." I gasped as he panted this was one of the first times, one of them has said I love you to me I smiled and gently placed my forehead against Jungkook's. "Uh not to ruin this moment (Y/N), but where's Jin?"

Ooooh suspense......
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