Chapter 1: The handsome hybrid

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Well......this is new... hehe OK SO I LOVE THESE BOYS SO MUCH IT HURSTS AND I FIND THE HYBRID AU FAN ART AND STORIES SO CUTE AND IT MAKES ME POP FAT UWUS *ahem* sorry, anyway I hope you all like this if you don't....then why are you still here?



(Y/N)'s POV:
"Thank you come again!" The shop clerk called as I left the small corner shop, 3 bags of shopping my hands, as I slowly made my way down the street light illuminated road I hummed a little to myself to try and distract myself from the slightly odd sensation I felt like someone was watching me, as I passed by a incredibly dark alley I heard something that sounds like a stack of cans being knocked down followed by a rather loud scream. "H-Hello?" I stuttered edging towards where I assumed the sound came from "A-Are you okay?" I shuffled forward again, I placed my shopping down on the alley floor and continued a bit further down until I saw something move behind a large rectangular bin "I'm not going to hurt you, can you please come out?" I asked quietly with the most gentle tone I could muster. A boy that looked about seven, with black, messy, unkempt hair and ripped and dirty clothes came out from behind the bin. He had a very round cute face with deep brown eyes and....some black fluffy cats ears and a long fluffy black cat tail. He must be a hybrid I crouched down so I was his hight, "Hi there Sweetie, where's your owner?"
The hybrid boy sniffed and big fat tears began brewing in his eyes "n-no one want m-me...I has no owner..." he murmured sadly I looked down at him with a mixture of anger and pity in my eyes, who could leave such a sweet looking little hybrid all along in such a dirty place.
"Do you have a name Sweetie?" He shook his head looking down at the ground with his small hands clenched into fists "well, I can't just leave you here now can I?" I held out my hand to him "come on, you can come with me, you can stay with me, if you want to that is." The little hybrid looked up with fresh tears in his eyes, but with a big smile on his face he nodded very quickly and then jumped up and put his little arms around my neck in a tight hug. Now I could actually feel his body (not that way ya nasties) I could feel each individual rib in his rib cage, but I also noticed even with his small frame he had rather wide shoulders.
Once he unlatched himself from me he grabbed and held my hand "come on, Miss we need to get going!" He began to tug on my arm, i giggled lightly and we both exited the alleyway me picking up my shopping on the way, we both began the short walk to my apartment.

~Small time skip~

Once I had unlocked my apartment's door the little hybrid gasped and ran towards the sofa and then proceeded to face plant into the squishy cushions that I had placed on it I let out a light laugh at his antics "Master, this whole place smells like you~" he said whilst making a grumbling sound, which I assumed was purring,
"Sweetie, you don't need to call me that, just (Y/N) is fine."
He sat up and nodded "okay, (Y/N) I will remember that!" I smiled and then turned and walked towards the kitchen in order to put the food I brought away. Whilst I was stacking things in the fridge I heard a pitter latter of little feet, but it sounded like four feet instead of two I turned around and saw a black rag doll cat.

(Imagine this cat looks more like a kitten)"Hey Sweetie,I see you changed to your cat form" he mewed up at me almost like it was in confirmation, "I see, well I noticed that your quite a messy kitty, would you mind changing back so you can have a ...

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(Imagine this cat looks more like a kitten)
"Hey Sweetie,I see you changed to your cat form" he mewed up at me almost like it was in confirmation, "I see, well I noticed that your quite a messy kitty, would you mind changing back so you can have a bath?" The cat quickly scampered out the room and ran into my bedroom I quickly followed him and I saw a fluffy tail suddenly disappear under my bed. "Please Sweetie, you need to wash up, for me please? I can brush your hair."
I heard another loud shuffle, "w-will I be handsome if you wash me?" I nodded; "the most handsome kitty in the world." suddenly the hybrid in his human form skunk out from under the bed "okay I trust you (Y/N)." I smiled and then picked him up and brought him to my bathroom I began running a nice warm bubble bath for him. Turning I asked, "Do you want me to stay or can you wash yourself?" The hybrid looked down at the linoleum floor
"I-uh I can wash my body...but I can't wash my hair..the angle is to awkward.." he then began wringing the hem of his dirt smeared shirt.
"Of course I can Sweetie, let me do that first and then I will leave you to do the rest." He nods and then preceded to take of his shirt, and to my relief, he had a pair of boxer shorts on underneath, but due to the size of the shirt I couldn't see.
"Can you t-turn around please?" I nodded and turned my back, hearing the rustle of clothing and the slosh of water " can turn back around.." I turned to se that the hybrid had made a blanket of bubbles to hid his- unmentionables- I grabbed the shower head off the wall hook and turned the water on and made sure that the temperatures as alright as to not burn the poor hybrid I wet his hair down and ran my fingers through it so it was less in his face whilst I washed it, I felt him purr and I smiled and grabbed some of my regular shampoo, as I didn't have any other on hand, "hmmmm, (Y/N) will my hair smell like yours now?" I squirted some shampoo onto my hands and rubbed it in to lather it up, placing on his hair and rubbing it in, being specifically careful around his ears.
"Yes you probably will Sweetie, now tilt your head back." He complies and I gently wash the soap out his hair, holding my hand just above his eyebrows to make sure he doesn't go in his eyes. "Okay there we go Sweetie, all done." I then grabbed shower gel and placed it on the side of the tub "here's the shower gel, and if you need anything just call for me okay? I'll leave a shirt for you outside the bathroom door." I got up from my crouched position and exited out the bathroom and sat on the living room sofa and began to watch some k-drama.
At least fifteen minutes later, the small hybrid exited the bathroom, he noticed me on the sofa and came over to me, sitting with me, and then cutely snuggling into my side, he's such a cute little boy. "Wait a second, I've just realised, you don't have a name!" The little hybrid looked up at me "hmmm what to name you how about.....Hoseok? No it needs 'Seok' in it..I know Seokjin! I can call you Jin for short!"
I smiled down at him "Seokjin...I LOVE IT!" He shouted bouncing up and down on his butt on the sofa cushion. "Aww Jinnie I'm happy you like your name, now what would you like to eat for dinner?" Jin stopped bouncing and then placed his hand on his chin, seemingly deep in thought "hmmm can we have.... Bulgogi?" He asked I brushed my hand though his slightly damp, messy hair "of course we can, Jin."
After we ate some good food, Jin was a great helper, who knew he could cook? , we decided to go to bed. I have three spare rooms in my house so I let Jin pick which room he wanted to stay in. "I pick this one, but, (Y/N) can I please sleep in your bed tonight?" He asked looking up at me with puppy -er kitty eyes, and I couldn't say no to that. "Okay Seokjin, but only tonight, tomorrow night your in your own bed." After we both go ready for bed and we both dived under the covers of my bed and I flicked off the lights, I smiled and turned towards Jin and began stroking his hair he purred contently "Hey (Y/N)? what to hear a joke?" I smiled "go on Jinnie" "if a dear has a good eye, that's a 'good idea'" in the semi darkness I heard something that sounded a windscreen wiper "funny right?" I giggled and kissed his forehead "it was very funny Sweetie." Jin then gasped he then wrapped his small arms around my neck "goodnight (Y/N)" Jin said, his voice getting quieter as began giving into sleep. "Good night Jin, I'll get you some nice clothes." Soon enough I heard Jin's quiet snoring and felt myself fall asleep.

I hope you all enjoyed this so far also who do you think is gonna be the next hybrid and what animal are they going to be?? (Also I started with Jin cause he's the oldest and I've read a lot of hybrid BTS fics where they start with Jimin and I wanted to be special and different, also expect a lot of fluff with each member as my bias is OT7, k thanks lots of love bye 💕)

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