Chapter 2: The clumsy hybrid

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If you guessed Namjoon, then you get a three dollar chain.....
Anyway onwards let the story resume.

(Y/N)'s POV
I awoke feeling of a large lump on my chest, I opened my eyes, but I closed them again as the light from the sun the crept through my half open curtains. After I had adjusted to the light, I opened my eyes and saw a lump of person on top of me "mmmh what?" Jin was the thing lying on me, but he seemed to have grown slightly? He now looked at least eleven, his sleeping face was squished into the gap between my neck and shoulder.
"Jinnie, wake up." I murmured as I gently moved his fringe out his face to see his if he was actually waking up.
"hmmmm (Y/N)? What's wrong?" He moved back, unlatching his arms from around my neck, sitting up on my stomach.
"Oof J-Jinnie, c-can you move Sweetie, your crushing me.." I managed to wheeze out, Jin obviously hadn't realised he had grown, assumed that he was still the light little kid he was when we met.
"Oh I'm sorry (Y/N)...wait you seem further away that you did last night....DID I GROW???" He jumped off the bed and ran to the mirror that was in the corner of your room, the shirt you lent him barely covered his body now, but unlike my destress at the that I'd have to get clothes for both this version of Seokjin and fully grown Seokjin in the same day, Seokjin himself was beside himself with happiness "(Y/N)! Do you know what this means? I'm maturing again!"
I titled my head to the side "Again? What do you mean again?"
Seokjin's ears twitched "With hybrids, we only mature when we feel loved, but I stopped growing a while ago because my mother's owner found out about me and made her get rid of me..." Jin looked sad at the mention of his mother.
I slowly rose up and pulled him into a tight hug "It's okay Jinnie, now lets have some breakfast, and then I'll go and buy you some nice clothes, does that sound alright?" I felt him nod, I stroked his hair a little before breaking away from the hug.
After breakfast I left my apartment to take the bus to the mall to get some clothes for Jin, I decided to get him one outfit for the moment but because he grew so fast in one night I decided to just get him just large hoodie and a pair of jeans that based on the way he was growing should fit him? Along with some black ripped jeans, and a light pink shirt, some faux glasses and some white trainers....and I begrudgingly got him some basic boxers for him as well.

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