Chapter 7: the baby hybrid

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Eeeeeyyyyyye it's ya girl, Luna, let's get it lads! I'm actually really excited cause this idea makes me excited (and is also slightly inspired by RubyOfFire 's hybrid fanfic, if you haven't read it go do that it's amazing)
((Also I know that Kookie is a fully grown man(child) BUT HE WILL ALWAYS BE LIL BABY JUNGOO TO ME ALRITE)
Y/N's POV:
After we all got situated on the sofa, me being completely surrounded on all sides by a hybrid, either in animal from or human form. Namjoon was laying his head on my left shoulder, Yoongi was on my right shoulder, Taehyung was lying on Yoongi's lap and had his head on my lap, Jimin was the same with him lying on Namjoon's lap, his head on my lap. Hoseok and Jin were sitting on cushions on the floor, I lightly ran a hand through each hybrid's hair as they all debated what movie to watch. "Can we watch Baby Driver?" Hoseok asked excitedly "Noooo I want to watch The Greatest Showman!" Jimin whined "hmmm that Suspiria remake seems interesting..." Namjoon murmured next to my ear "No horror movies! Let's watch Guardians Of The Galaxy 2!" Tae shouted "hmmmm, I don't care what we watch let put on a marvel film or something.." Yoongi yawned and snuggled into my neck. "Ah good idea Yoongi, lets watch marvel movies." Jin compromised, and after hearing no protests from the other boys, proceeded to begin playing AntMan. I smiled at the boys ability to compromise, they were like were a real family, it made my heart swell, I stroked Taehyung's hair as his ears twitched and his tail thumped against the leather of the sofa "look at my boys, all of you getting along so well." I mumbled as I planted a kiss on each boys cheek or forehead. "Nooonaaaa..." Jimin whimpered, pouring cutely "Do it again, I like it." The other hybrids nod "(Y/N) we want more love and attention...." Yoongi looked deeply up into my eyes, and pulled me closer towards his body. "O-Okay boys, l-let's go to bed..Taehyung can sleep in your room, and tomorrow we shall all go clothes shopping for you all, and get you some outfits...and refill the fridge, I now have to feed seven people including myself." I wriggled my way out of the small hybrid pile that had accumulated around me and sidled into my room, slipping on a old T-shirt, and some sweatpants, I brushed my teeth, and slipped into bed.
The next morning I woke up to a mop of hair directly in front of me with some slightly flopped ears in front of me. I sat up slightly and saw Taehyung lying directly on top of me his breathing slow and methodical, he was obliviously asleep, his arms were wrapped around my waist, his face was squished into my chest, but in a more childlike and innocent way, than sexual one. "Taehyungie, Darling, I need you to wake up, we need to get the others up." I whispered in his ear, earring some whines and grumbles from the dog hybrid "nooo, Noona.... wan' sleep..." he continued to whine and grumble and roll about bunching up the duvet so it cocooned him, making him into a hybrid burrito. "Awww look at my sweet baby..." I smiled and kissed his forehead, rising from the bed and putting on some jeans and a black turtleneck jumper. "Noona, what are we doing today?" Taehyung said from his blanket cocoon, I pulled the blanket off his head and scratched lightly around the base of his ears, causing him to lean into the touch with a look of pure sleepy content on his face. "Well, my Darling boy, we are going to go get some nice clothes for you and your Hyungs, we also need to discuss if your going to stay with us Taehyung." Taehyung nodded and smiled a extremely cute boxy, rectangular smile "I really want to stay with you Noona, and Jiminie hyung and the others..." Taehyung then, wrapped his arms around my waist and burried his face into the side of my hip. "Okay Darling, we need to get up, can you go make up Jimin for me?" Taehyung nodded and slowly made his way out my room, stumbling slightly. Making my way to the kitchen, I decided we would all have cereal and toast for breakfast, I couldn't make anything else, I had barely anything else in the house to eat, I walked into Seokjin and Yoongi's room I saw Seokjin curled up asleep, and Yoongi had basically pulled his duvet up so only his ears were visible over the duvet. "My sweet boys, time to wake up, I made some breakfast." Jin shot up and looked directly at me "food? Did you say that you have made food?" I nodded, causing Jin to shoot out of bed grab some of the clothes I brought him run into the bathroom that connected to their room, run back out in less than ten seconds later and then speed out the bedroom door and I assume to the dining room table. Laughing to myself I walked over to Yoongi's bed, beginning to peel away the duvet form the male. "Yoonie, You need to get up, come on up you get." I shove him slightly, trying to get him lucid enough to wake up, only getting a few groans as a response. "Okay, have it your way Yoongi, I guess I'll let Jimin have your cuddle spot.." and I made my way to the door opened it again and then made a attempt to close it again, but that didn't work as I now had a rather grouchy panther holding onto me. "That domesticated brat will get my cuddle spot next to you over his dead body.." he growled bitterly "Yoongi, you're domesticated too, for starters you live with me in my house, second you're a brat as well, getting so petty over where you cuddle me from.." I giggled at his misplaced anger, feeling him relax into my back- "now let's get some breakfast."
Once I actually managed to get out into the hall I saw Jimin and Taehyung forcibly shoving Namjoon and Hoseok out of their bedroom door "Hyungs! Come onnnn Noona said we needed to be ready we're going to get clothes and stuffs today!" Jimin huffed as he was trying to get Hoseok to let go of the door frame "but Minnie, it's so early!" Hoseok whined puffing out his cheeks and very cutely pouting. "Jimin is right Seokie, we need to eat and get going." And with that all of the hybrids, including Yoongi, who had unlatched himself from me, made their way to the dining room.
After a rather loud and hectic breakfast we all made our way to the mall. The first shop we stopped off at had mostly everything we needed so I got some outfits for each guy.

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