August 20, 2014

        Twenty two years ago Demi was born. My lovely, annoying, big sister turns twenty two today and I'm forced to celebrate it, even though we've been getting along for the passed couple weeks, I'd rather not. She's going to have all her friends here as well as all of our family members, which I haven't been in contact with most of them my entire life. And her sweet old boyfriend, Wilmer, will most likely tag along and I've never liked him, and I don't think I ever will. Ever since Demi's started dating him, she's been so focused on him and nobody else. But of course she focused on Madison, but let's not get into that.

        Demi was out with her wonderful boyfriend for a few hours and everyone was at home setting up a surprise party that we had been planning for a while. If someone were to come to our house, the first thing you'd think is that this party was for kids around the ages four to seven. There was cupcakes, cake, snacks, drinks, more snacks, and of course candy because what's Demi without sugar, right? There was also a bounce castle along with a pony. I don't know why everyone thought it was a great idea to give her a pony for this party, but I know that she'd freak out if she saw it, she loves animals. 

        Sighing, I plopped down on the couch next to Marissa, as everyone else in the living room wasted all their breath blowing up a million balloons. 

        "Hey, kiddo, did you get Demi anything for her birthday?" Marissa asked from beside me.

        "Nah, I couldn't think of anything to get for her." I shrugged and looked back at the colours that filled the living room, as Eddie and Mom hung some up inside of the house and outside in the back yard.

        Marissa was the coolest person I've met, Madison and I always call her our sister because I've literally known Marissa my entire life. Mad and I once spent an entire week at her house because we're literally that close with her.

        "What did you get for her?" I asked, looking back over at Marissa, that amazing smile never leaving her face. 

        "A necklace! It's a matching one, I have the other half." I nodded. Why didn't I ever think of that?

        "I'm positive that she'll love it!" I giggled, earning a giggle from her before she pulled her phone out of her pocket when she had felt it vibrate. 

        "Shit, Demi's on her way right now, she's almost here." She had texted Demi earlier telling her that she was at her house because she had to give her something (which I was assuming her necklace), but she had told Demi not to hurry back and ruin her date with Wilmer. Which of course, that gave us time to set up for the surprise party. 

        I watched as everyone quickly scurried away to put away the remaining balloons that never ended up getting blown up, and cleaning up the rest of the stuff that wasn't relevant to anything else.

        We didn't set anything up in the front yard since Demi was going to come through the front door, meaning she'd pass the front yard on her way. 

        Once everyone continued cleaning up all the extras that they obviously didn't need anymore, Maddie and I stood by the front window, waiting for Wilmer's car to pull up into the driveway. 

        And within a couple minutes, the familiar black car was pulling into our long driveway and Maddie quickly flipped around, yelling out a quick "She's here!" And running over to her hiding spot.

        Everyone hid in their assigned hiding spots so that when Demi walked through the door she wouldn't see us, except for me of course. I was suppose to greet Demi at the door and on a specific cue, they'd all jump out and scream surprise.

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