// warning : Katsuki gets turned on but nothing rlly happens

Katsuki wakes up, feeling a familiar weight on his chest. Which is kind of weird- wait no, he has broken into Izuku's room in random nights just wanting to hold his cat in his sleep, he shouldn't judge Izuku for doing the same, he should be happy that his cat even wanted this. He sighed adjusting himself so they'll be more comfy, Izuku stirs in his sleep, a muffled mewl comes out of his mouth as he sleepily opened his eyes.

"It's fine, keep sleeping, just adjusting myself a bit." Katsuki says, stroking his head, Izuku sighs and closes his eyes again, leaning a bit closer to him, Izuku purrs in his sleep and it sounds nice. Once Katsuki got in a more comfortable position he finally fell back to sleep.

When Katsuki wakes up, he suddenly realizes again the reason why he didn't want Izuku sleeping on him, the reason being nudged on by Izuku's swaying tail.

"Kacchan, you're too noisy, it's too early, go back to sleep." Izuku murmurs, it'll be really easy to redo the things he's dreamt just a few minutes ago but he shouldn't since you know, he's a cat owner and he doesn't fuck cats and he shouldn't want to do any of that weird stuff to his cat so he's trying to keep his mind completely blank right now.

"D-Deku, Hey aren't you planning to get up already?" Katsuki asks, Izuku huffs.

"Fine, ugh, you wake up too early." Izuku sits up, sitting dangerously close to where Katsuki doesn't want him sitting and it just became more dangerous when he saw what Izuku was wearing- not wearing? His hoodie that he leant to Izuku a few months back hung low that Katsuki wasn't sure if Izuku was just wearing shorts or wearing nothing, how the hell did Izuku get in here safely with him wearing something like that?!

"What are you wearing?" Katsuki asks, calmly.

"Hm? I thought you'd know from the brand since I don't buy any of it, it's your hoodie."

"I mean under." He says, his voice sounding a bit choked, even more when Izuku decided not to tell him, rather he showed him, pulling the hem up high to the side, he didn't know whether or not he should be relieved that Izuku was atleast wearing some shorts on, definitely shorts. Short shorts.

"Why are you wearing that?"

"It's comfy." Izuku says, "helps me move faster too, why do you look like you're about to take a huge dump? Need to go to the bathroom again?" Katsuki quickly nods, running off with that excuse to the cr connected to his room. He didn't even touch himself, he felt so guilty he just took a cold shower.

When he comes out, he sees Izuku sleeping comfortably on his bed again, hugging a pillow, Katsuki takes a picture because it's cute. He doesn't want to wake Izuku up so he just sits next to him, staring at him as he sleeps. He probably shouldn't because you know, it's kinda creepy to stare at someone while they're sleeping but he just can't take his eyes off the greenette.

Izuku purrs softly in his sleep- probably means he isn't sleeping deeply yet, he should be careful not to make too much sounds.

"Kacchan, go back to bed, I'm cold." Izuku complains softly, Katsuki pulls the pillow off from him and places it back in his bed before he crawls in his sheets and hugs his cat close.

"Deku, why'd you come here?"

"...Because I miss Kacchan, take me out on a date today, Kacchan."

"Okay." Katsuki sighs, before he registers what Izuku says and he stares hard at his cat.

"Deku, what?"

"I said take me out on a date, I miss you." He murmurs.

"You want me to walk you?"

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