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// timeskip to uhhhhhh junior high

Izuku has found a great way to stop Katsuki from hurting people.

It's not that he cares, but the people Katsuki bullies sometimes goes after him and even if them don't catch him, it's kind of annoying when they do try. Obviously he had to stop it, one way or another. Plus it's good for Katsuki anyways, since he's on the verge of being suspended for his bad behavior.

"Kacchan, I want pets." Izuku whines, practically clinging to Katsuki, his tail curling to him as he tried to avert Katsuki's attention from his classmates, Katsuki stilled- because Izuku never asks for attention, usually even annoyed with it.

"Deku- can it wait-"

"No! I want it now!" Izuku whines, "I'll bite you really hard if you don't pet me right now! I want to be pet! Pet me already, don't you want to?"

Katsuki had no chance, immediately lifting Izuku up, carrying him bridal style before finding a bench and sitting on it, Izuku lets himself purr ( for the first time ) as Katsuki pet him and he made sure Katsuki heard.

"You sure wanted it at a bad timing, kitty, you trying to not get me in trouble?" Izuku ignores that, "if you're like this every time I try to hurt someone then I guess I'll just have to stop, can't hurt someone when an adorable kitten is trying to get my attention."

Katsuki spent the rest of that afternoon just petting him and showering Izuku the attention he demanded for earlier.

Then it's become normal for him to walk in between almost school fights, demanding attention, food or water, Izuku doesn't know why demanding things from Katsuki worked out as well as he would've thought, yet when Izuku demands not to be touched Katsuki does it more, the blond works weirdly.

He still has a horrible attitude to others, even Izuku can't stop that from happening, he still screams and yells at people ( although its noticeable that his yells are softer if Izuku was within the vicinity since he knows Izuku doesn't like it when he's too loud ), still insults people and still has no filter to his mouth, he'll still pick fight with others once he noticed that Izuku wasn't around all the bad stuff but atleast he's lesser risk of getting in trouble now.

"Kacchan, my water is warm." He says just before Katsuki's about to shout, he holds his water bottle in hand, Katsuki takes it from him and inspects the water before he leaves the classroom ( the teachers have long stopped trying to get him to sit down when he tries to leave the classroom to refill Izuku's water ), he comes back and hands Izuku the now filled and cold water bottle, he never expects a thanks, just does it whenever Izuku asks and the argument or whatever dies down.

Izuku happily drinks his water as the teacher continues to talk, something about senior high or something, he already knows Katsuki is going to UA but he doesn't like that much spotlight so Izuku's enrolling to Shiketsu instead and he's not changing his mind but he has a feeling that he probably needs to because Katsuki's probably one day going to try and sneak him in and claim that he's only a pet and it's just not worth the trouble and he might as well try.

"You're going to UA with me, right Deku?" Katsuki asks in a way that makes it clear Katsuki isn't taking a no, he doesn't use that tone of voice much with him, only sometimes, like when Katsuki finds him with something in his mouth and the blond chases him because he doesn't want to spit it out and he tries to chew faster but somehow, Katsuki always manages to get it out of his mouth before he can swallow whatever it was that he was trying to eat.

"Sure sure, I'll try but don't expect much, Kacchan." Izuku says.

The day went off without a hitch, a couple more of yelling dying down due to Izuku's interference and the bell is ringing, signalling that they need to go home. Katsuki waits for Izuku to finish up because he always escorts Izuku home to make sure he's not harmed or anything.

"Your collars getting tight on you, do you want to get a new one on the way to your house?" Katsuki asks, seeing Izuku fiddle with it, Izuku nods. Katsuki takes it off from him, stuffing it in his back before they leave the school. Izuku felt a sense of relief to finally getting it off, he can never remove the damn things by himself.

They take the longer route to get to the pet shop, Izuku picks out a collar that he likes which is pretty much the same as the same design, plain red. Katsuki gets a couple of cat treats that makes Izuku a bit excited before the blond pays for it.

"You have a pet, sir?" The cashier asks, clearly just trying to strike up a conversation.

"Yeah I do, you don't need to put the collar in the plastic bag." Katsuki says, the cashier doesn't.

"Is he your brother?" The cashier asks, taking the money and giving back change.

"No he's my pet." Katsuki says, taking the collar and putting it on Izuku.

"Kacchan, couldn't you have waited until I'm home?"

"Someone might try to snatch you up if you have no collar on- looser or tighter?"

"It's fine the way it is, Kacchan." Katsuki nods, when it's done and over, they left the store, not noticing the wide eyed look the cashier was giving them or the other students there and adults who were just trying to buy their pets something.

Katsuki buys him some grilled fish before they get on a train, there weren't much people riding it at this time and Izuku and Katsuki was able to sit down properly. It wasn't long until Izuku got a bit sleepy, letting out a soft yawn before he leans to Katsuki's shoulder. The blond simply holds unto him, making sure he doesn't fall over or anything.

He doesn't wake Izuku up, carrying him instead with ease, Izuku is light and easy to carry and it helps that Katsuki has done a lot of training, the most he had trouble with was making sure that he's not squishing Izuku's tail or anything while he carried him.

He got to Izuku's home pretty quickly, the directions to it heavily ingrained in his memory, he rings the doorbell and his mom answers, as always.

"Katsuki-kun! It's nice to see you, I hope Izuku isn't much trouble for you today?" Inko says stepping back to let Katsuki in.

"Nah, he was good today. Don't worry about it Auntie."

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