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After the heat week Izuku has been... somewhat kind to Katsuki, whether or not Izuku admits it or not. For example, usually Izuku only brings him birds once a week but Izuku brings him one or two every other day now. Izuku drinks up all his water before he asks Katsuki to refill his bottle ( and Katsuki noticed that Izuku only asks him after lessons or after activities ).

Izuku also doesn't steal treats from his bag anymore and patiently waits for Katsuki to feed it to him when he's done something good. Izuku's also doing this weird thing when Katsuki makes eye contact with him, the greenette slowly blinks back. He's searched it up and it's apparently a show of trust.

Katsuki felt blessed that day, his chest felt so fuzzy and warm, his baby kitten trusts him, so cute.

"You're really soft around Izuku, you two really changed after you two got together!" His classmates tell him. Katsuki slowly blinks.


"Aren't you two boyfriends?"

"No, I mean, why would you think that." Katsuki says, Izuku on his lap, purring and hugging him as he sleeps, his tail curled around him and Katsuki holding unto him tight but gentle, pressing his smaller body against his chest, making sure he doesn't fall, "he's just my cat. Why would you think that?"

"..." his classmates give him a blank look, Katsuki squints suspiciously.

"Well eitherway you told us you us you bathe him sometimes, right?" Katsuki squints even more suspiciously, hesitantly nodding, then he suddenly gets  several messages on his phone.

Send pics.

"What the fuck." Katsuki growled, clutching unto Izuku protectively, he doesn't notice the greenette slowly waking up, disturbed from his sleep and looking up to him groggily, "Why the shit would I take photos like that?! He's a cat, get away from him you fucking furries! Even if I have pictures like that why the hell would I show it?! I'm leaving!" Katsuki grumbles, lifting up Izuku into a bridal style and walking away.

Right, Izuku's probably awake now.

"Kacchan?" Izuku asks, Katsuki coos at him.

"Don't worry about it kitten, sorry for waking you up, you can go back to sleep now, okay?" Izuku nods, leaning unto Katsuki's chest and Katsuki tries his best not to squeeze the life out of his cute little kitten. So cute, he's going feed him lots and lots of treats later. Izuku is purring again. So cute.


"Ah now I see why your owner coddles you so much." Shinso says as Izuku cuddles up to his side, he tries to cuddle back but Izuku hisses at him, still not okay with being touched. Once he's sure Shinso won't try to touch him again, he hugs the man once more and snuggles up to his side.

"You're so warm and soft, like a real cat."

"Because I'm half a cat."

"Has anyone told you you're as cute as a cat too?"

"Lots, after they gave me treats after. If you want to call me that you'll have to feed my treats."

"I get to call you whatever compliment I want and I'll give you a pack of treats later, Deal?"

"Deal." Izuku purrs, pleased.

"Mhm, you're so cute and adorable, I just want to kidnap you off from your owner and get you a big fluffy bed and I'll just watch you sleep like everyday."

"Thats creepy and weird. No thanks, say something else."

"I have this weird urge to bite your cat ears and I don't know why."

"Kacchan says that people who think stuff like that are furries."

"Damn I'm a fucking furry."

"No need to state the obvious, is it because of me? I'm cute, right?" Izuku asks, looking up to him, Shinso gulps.

"Yeah, yeah it's because of you alright-" Izuku glares at Shinso's hand who was inching towards him, Shinso quickly pulls it back.

"Please just let me pet you, I need it."

"Mhm, no. Well do it if you want but if I'm not satisfied or if I think you're petting me wrong I'll bite you."



"Mhm, you made me waste so much energy biting you..." Izuku purrs, rubbing his cheeks at Shinso's left forearm and hand which was heavily bandaged but Shinso looked happy and satisfied.

"So worth it."

"You want to touch me that much? You're such a pervert, I'm telling Kacchan." Izuku snickers.

"Do what you want, I'm ready to die. Also true, hey, wanna turn my right hand into a chew toy too?"

"I'll think about it, I don't want to waste too much time on you."


"Deku, you're being nice, why?" Katsuki asks, low-key trying to ask Izuku why he hasn't been causing him trouble at all lately, like he's sort of greatful that Izuku stopped sitting on his desk and lap during lessons or activities and all the other feline-like things he did but this was weird, Izuku was grooming his hands and he gets that cats do that and he should be really really greatful that his kitten is doing this and maybe he's just desperately trying to get Izuku to stop lapping up at his fingers for the sake of both their chastities but still, it's weird.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Izuku insists, pulling away from his grooming, puffing his cheeks up adorably, Katsuki wants to pinch them but he's 100% sure his hands will get bitten if he did that right now.

"I won't judge you for whatever it is, just tell me, please?" Izuku huffs, his cheeks turning red.

"You... you're the one being too nice. I know that you have this sort of obligation, like I'm your pet or something and that you're not allowed to do bad things to me but all I've been doing is messing you up and disturbing you during class for the smallest things, I make you buy food for me and make you feed me, I demand that you do things for me all the time and sometimes I wake you up from your sleep even if you're really really tired just to get you to do small things I can do by myself.

I'm... I'm greatful but I don't want to burden you anymore so-"

"Deku, you're not a burden. I wouldn't do those shit if I don't like them, you know I love you, right kitten? You're my pet, I take care of you, I'm your owner and you trust me. I like doing this for you, it makes me happy too-"

"I-I know but you're too soft on me! Y-You... you don't discipline me or anything! You'll punch anyone if they did the things I do to you- so if you can't bring yourself to scold me or discipline me, I'll just have to discipline myself, okay?!"

"Shit- I can discipline you too okay?! You don't have to push yourself to hunt or drink lukewarm water just tell me if your water's not cold anymore I don't care!" Katsuki yells, Izuku flinches, immediately the blond is reaching out for him and Izuku hisses.

"Ngh, n-no you have to learn how to scold me! You can't keep coddling me!" Izuku insists, Katsuki pulls back but he looks very very conflicted, wanting nothing more than to comfort his distressed pet.


"Kacchan, you have to tell me if you don't want to do something, I-I'm okay with being scolded, okay? If I'm doing something bad or something you don't like, you have to scold me, no more nice words and sugar coating, okay?" Katsuki sighs.

"Yeah, that's fine, I can do that, now can I comfort you?"

"Yes you can, comfort me please, Kacchan."

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