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"How's your date with the creep?" Katsuki asks.

"Kacchan, did you break into my room just to ask that?"

"Answer the question, Deku." Izuku pouts.


"Kacchan I want pets, come pet me." Izuku says, sitting up his bed.

"No-" Katsuki paused, seeing Izuku's tail thump on the bed impatiently, the blond quickly sits down next to Izuku, the greenette purrs happily, curling up ontop of the blond and Katsuki quickly complies, stroking his head and the area behind his ears, Izuku's tail curl around himself as he leans unto Katsuki's hands.

"Good boy." Katsuki mutters, "Seriously, did that fucker do anything weird?"

"He made me pet a cat but that's about it Kacchan, he also bought me food and held my hand a bit."

"Off brand?"


"I guess he's not that bad." Katsuki mutters, "what drinks did he get you?"

"Water, cold."


"Lactose free."

"Trustworthy." Katsuki nods.

"Hey, you're staying the night, right?"

"You're ontop of me, like I have the right to move." Izuku cheekily grins, curling up beside Katsuki.

"Good night Kacchan."

"Good night."


"Deku- Deku your butt is on my face."

"No it's not."

"Deku- DEKU!"

"Stop being noisy Kacchan I'm stretching."

"Don't do it on my face!" Izuku pouts, he sits down on Katsuki's stomach, facing the other way before looking over his shoulder to show Katsuki that he's pouting. That's how dissatisfied he is right now.

Katsuki's face is absolutely red.

"What?" Izuku asks.

"Deku, get off."

"No. It's still early, let's sleep together again Kacchan." Izuku says, pushing his butt backwards again, he leans down, pressing his whole torso down to Katsuki's body before laying his head next to the tent in his pants, gently rubbing against it before he fell asleep again.

"O-Oi you're not actually sleeping there are you?!"


"Hey wake up-!"

"Kacchan Stop being noisy!" Katsuki's yell were silenced by Izuku thumping his tail against his face.

"Seriously Deku, atleast curl up next to me!"

"Kacchan is so picky..." Izuku says, stretching, arching his back prettily before he sits up again, turning to actually face Katsuki.

"I'm still sleeping ontop of you." Izuku declares.

"Sure, Whatever just don't fucking do what you were doing earlier ever again."

"My butt is cute, you should appreciate it more, Kacchan." Izuku pouts, leaning down, nuzzling Katsuki's neck.

"Don't bite." Katsuki mutters, petting Izuku again.

"Whatever." Katsuki chokes when Izuku presses his butt against whatever he was leaning his face on earlier.

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