"Kacchan?" Izuku asks, entering the room, Katsuki eyes him but does nothing more,

"Kacchan..." Izuku pouts, closing the door behind him, Katsuki is still looking down, his knees hugged to his chest as he rests his head on them. It just looks... kind of pathetic, really.

Izuku sits next to him in bed, frowning as the blond didn't make a move to pay attention to him.

"Kacchan... erm, I-I'm sorry. I'm not sure what happened but-"

"It's not your fault- it's just-" Katsuki groans, "it was just dad's stupid joke, probably."


"He was probably joking about me marrying you. I don't even know why I got so mad and flustered, sorry kitten. You were supposed to have a proper introduction to my parents but you got this instead." Katsuki huffs, petting his head.

"..." Izuku's face turns red as he leans close to Katsuki, the blond allows him, now resting his back against the headboard, Izuku crawls and curls up to his side like usual.

"...I-I don't mind, you know." Izuku mutters, looking away.

"T-The... The m-marrying thing..." he says, his voice much softer, barely audible.

"What? Speak up." Izuku paused, looking a bit dissapointed.

"I-I said I don't mind b-being married to you." He said, his voice getting softer and softer with every word.

"Kitten, you have to speak up for me to understand you." Katsuki says, leaning closer to him to understand what he's saying better, Izuku's face turns extremely red.


"I said I don't mind being married to you!" He screams, then he looks away and hides his face as it grows hotter and hotter with embarrassment.

Katsuki stares, wondering why he still can't hear clearly before remembering that he put earphones on- he quickly takes it off, Izuku watches him, wide eyed.

"S-Sorry, c-can you repeat that again?" Katsuki asks, Izuku turns extremely red and starts crying.

"I-I hate you! I hate you so much! I'm leaving!" Izuku screams.

"W-Wait! I'm really really sorry- c'mon don't leave!" Izuku squirms as Katsuki hugs him tight, "I'm really fucking sorry okay? You don't have to tell me again- just don't leave!"

"...Kacchan, you're so stupid."

"I know."

"I hate you so much."

"I know." Katsuki mutters, stroking his hair.

"I hope you step on poop."

"...That's not very nice."

"It's not supposed to be." Izuku huffs, "I'm using your shirt as tissue and there's nothing you can do about it." He says as he buries his tearful face unto his chest, wetting the shirt.

"That's... fine."

"... Kacchan, do you like me?"

"I guess I do? You're my cat."

"...I hate you so much Kacchan."

"You already told me that, kitten."


"Wow what a fucking dumbass." Shinso says, sipping on his fruit juice while Izuku ranted to him.

"I know! Why the hell would he wear earphones when he's talking to someone! Why did he forget to take it off- he definitely was just messing with me!" Izuku whined, "he's a bad owner! All his attention should be on me when I'm around, how dare he wear earphones around me! I won't allow it, I'll chew it up-"

"Hey calm down, calm down." Shinso says, feeding him a stick of beef jerky, Izuku chews it up instantly.

"Like- w-why would he do that? He made me repeat it so much and then suddenly he actually couldn't hear correctly because of his stupid earphones!" He whines, "I hate him so much! I want to bite him! I'll mess up his hand and mess with that stupid quirk of his-"

"Hey! Calm down let's not do that!" Shinso huffs, petting his head, Izuku doesn't look happy with it but he's not calling him out on it so it should be fine.

"Are you like, planning to tell him or what?"

"No way, never again." Izuku huffs, "he doesn't deserve me, he sucks."

Or so Shinso thought.

"I don't deserve him! he's just- he's always so nice to me and so kind but I'm so mad at him when it was an accident! I'm horrible! It's not his fault he forgot to take them off, it's not! Why am I so mad at him?! I can just say it at a different time, I can have another opportunity to say, it I shouldn't be so mad at him!" Izuku sobs as he eats his freeze-dried treats, a few spill out but Shinso isn't planning to point that out.

"I like him so much but I don't have the confidence to tell him that's again- but it's not his fault, I should have more courage, I'm a cat! I'm supposed to be a shithead! Not an emotional fuck-"

"Hey tone down the swearing-"

"Kacchan doesn't like it when I swear, why am I swearing?!" Izuku sobs, "I'm a horrible cat, I have too much feelings, I can't be a cat when I'm like this."

"Hey you're still human, calm down."

"I'm a cat! Kacchan thinks I'm a cat!"

"Didn't we establish that he was a dumbass earlier?" Izuku stares.

"Hey you're right! Kacchan is dumb! Ah... wait no Kacchan has higher grades than me why would he be dumb?"

"Because he is, and you're a cat."

"Yeah, Kacchan is dumb! Im a cat so whatever I saw is true obviously!"

"A bit too narcissistic but okay. So, are you planning to tell him that you like him?"

"..." Izuku looks away, his face red.

"Uh... I'm, taking that as a no?"

"Kacchan told me that he likes me because I'm a cat. He only sees me as a pet." Izuku pouts, "I don't want to confess to him right now because he'll probably only feel obligated to return my feelings. Or he'll end up rejecting me saying that I'm his cat and it's not right or something. If Kacchan doesn't see me as a person he can like then there's no point in confessing-"

"Then let's plan then." Shinso nods, "you know the plan when it comes to stuff like this."


"Seduction." Shinso nods, looking like he's so proud of himself, Izuku stares.

"I don't know how that would work but okay."


Katsuki screams as he buries his head into a pillow- what the hell was Izuku trying to say?! He heard Izuku saying that he's fine with being married- but there's no way Izuku would say that- would he?! He wanted to hear to again but at the time Izuku was already so upset so he didn't push it but he wants to make sure! Did Izuku really say that? What if he's just reading his lips wrong?!

"Stop fucking screaming you brat!"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP HAG!" Katsuki yells before he starts screaming again.

Would Izuku see him in that light when he always treats him like a literal cat? Ugh it's so fucking stupid to think of shit like this- he should study or work out or something, why is he wasting time overthinking shit that probably isn't true?! He needs to train- make sure he gets to number one, impress his cat, shit like that! He needs to be better, not this pathetic fuck of a mess that he is right now!

He throws away his pillow, resigned- until he sees the collars he gave to Izuku through the years and he starts to overthink shit again- he's never gonna finish any kind of work while he's like this.

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