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Shoto sees a cat.

It's obviously a cat, it has cat ears and a tail, it's definitely a cat, it was on a park bench, seemingly following his eyes on the birds up the sky, Shoto comes over and pets him and it let out a surprised purr // meow? //.


"...Cat." Shoto says.

"Y-Yes? I'm a cat-" Izuku purrs even more when the teen started massaging his ears, Shoto sat down and Izuku curled up to him.

'This is a cat.'

This was a surprise to Shoto- because most cats like sticking to him because of his warm side but never has a cat let him pet it, they usually scratch him unless he has a treat on hand, this was definitely a pleasant surprise. This must be a very friendly cat. Shoto takes the cat into his lap and stars petting him more, it was lovely, Shoto likes cat, but he doesn't pet them too often, it is very relaxing to pet a cat.

Shoto wants to adopt this cat, it is his now, he will now take this cat home and feed him treats-

"Oi, you fuck. What are you doing with my cat?"

Bakugou Katsuki, once his rival, now his mortal enemy.

"I am petting him, he is lovely, may I keep him? I'll pay you as much as you want." Shoto says, hugging Izuku who just seemed to enjoy the warmth and coolness from him.

"No, that's my cat, I want him back."

"I am the son of the number two hero." Shoto never liked name dropping his father since he hates him but it's usually enough to get people to do what he wants.

"Okay son of the number two hero, give me my cat back."

"I don't want to."

"Tough fucking luck- Deku!" Izuku stirred, opening his eyes and looking back, immediately jumping into Katsuki's arms.

"Kacchan." Izuku purrs.

"That is unfair, I want to hold him too."

"He's my cat, mine. Hands off." Katsuki growls before he walks away.


Shoto carries an expensive can of cat tuna in his pocket incase he ever finds the cat again. It seemed fruitful as he sees the cat in UA. He opens the can and the cat immediately picks up on the smell, looking around.

"Here kitty, come here." Shoto says, making sure that the cat can see the can of tuna he has, Izuku walks towards him and as soon as he gets there, he takes the can from off his hand, eating it while Shoto pets him an ungodly amount of times because this a nice cat and Shoto likes petting nice cats. Like petting them a lot, it is nice.

"Oi fucker, I thought I told you to get your dirty hands off my cat."

"Dirty hands? You're the one who can make explosions with your hands. I can give him warm and cold rubs, what can you do? Explode his face? Get him icky because of your disgustingly sweaty hands? I think I'm much better for petting him-"

"I'll allow you to do that once you can do this- Deku." Katsuki calls out, Izuku pauses, looking at him, Katsuki pats his shoulder and Izuku jump up, settling himself on his right shoulder, Katsuki not even staggering or flinching by the sudden change of weight, Shoto stares.

"I can do that too." He insists.

"Oh yeah? Prove it."

Shoto ends up on the floor after, Izuku jumping off and Katsuki catching him before Shoto can hit the ground.

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