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"Deku! Get down from there! You have 3 minutes before I get up there and do it myself!"

"No!" Izuku whines from the roof where he's all curled up and enjoying the warmth of the sun, his tail twitching, "I'm staying here, go away Kacchan!"

"Come on kitten, we have school!"

"Leave me alone already! The school can kiss my butt!"

A few minutes later, Katsuki was climbing up the room with a ladder when Izuku jumps off, landing on all fours before he runs away, the blond sputters.

"I'm gonna go to school now Kacchan I'm gonna be late!"

"W-Wha- Deku!" Katsuki screams ( a bit softly ) before he abandons the ladder and jumps off, cushioning his fall with a soft explosion before he runs after the quick greenet.


"Kacchan, why didn't you just use your explosions to get up to me? If you did that you wouldn't have been late." Izuku mutters, curling up against Katsuki. It was lunch time, they usually go to the rooftop to eat lunch there since Izuku doesn't like the noise and chatter from the people in the cafeteria. There's some other people here but they don't pay that much attention to them.

"You don't like loud noises."

"I don't."

"Good, I made the right decision then." Katsuki mutters.

"But Kacchan, you have one tardy on your record now..."

"Nah they said they'll let it slide."

As soon as Izuku's finished eating, Katsuki pulls him into his lap, the greenet started to softly purr from the warmth, immediately curling up to the blond who helped steady him.

"You absolute fucking cat, you affectionate fuck." Bakugou mumbles, burrowing his face to his hair, just between the ears.

"I am a cat, what's your excuse?"

"Your my cat."

"I am. I really am."

They stayed like that for a couple of seconds before Izuku's tail and ears starts to twitch and before he can bite Bakugou, the blond let him off.

"Too much for you, kitten?" Izuku nods.

"I like being held but I don't like it when I'm held for too long."

"I know." Katsuki says, eating his food again. "You need anything else? Your water is still fine?" Izuku nods.

"You should probably hurry Kacchan, lunch is ending soon."

"Stupid cat, stop distracting me."

"Stupid human, stop being distracted by me."


Katsuki is currently trying to do his seatwork.

It would've been easier- well it is a very easy seatwork, but the teacher left them to do their own things and Izuku thought that this was the best time to sit on Katsuki's desk, right on his papers.

"Deku, get off." Katsuki says, poking the side of his thigh with the blunt tip of his ballpen.

"No." Izuku replied bluntly.

Katsuki stands up, lifts Izuku off his seat and puts him back to his own seat before Katsuki continues his work. He got about 3/4ths done before Izuku sits on his papers again.


"I'm done with my work and Kacchan's desk is more comfortable." He says. Katsuki stares at him, he stands up again, lifts Izuku off his seat, takes his works, puts it on the desk of Izuku's seat, then he placed Izuku down his seat and then he goes to Izuku's seat and does it there instead.

The same time he sits down Izuku sits on his papers on his desk again.

"... let me take the papers, then you can stay."


"Kacchan, I'm gonna go home with someone else today." Izuku says, "I met him online, he says he can pick me up after school."


"I said someone is gonna pick me up after school, you don't have to go home with me." Izuku says.

"...I want to see them first."

"Whatever makes you happy Kacchan."

A few moments later of waiting at their school gate, a boy with purple hair came and walked to them- well to Izuku, completely dismissing Katuski.



"... can I hold your hands- you said they're..."

"Okay he's a pervert, let's get you right home Deku-"

"No Kacchan, I'm staying." Izuku pouts, "Hey Shin, carry me!"

Shinso happily did.

"I've been training weeks for this- holy heck you're small." Shinso mutters, Izuku purrs and curls up to him, "well I'm borrowing this, whoever you are you can leave, he's safe in my hands."

"That's my cat."

"Yes and he prefers to be with me for the moment, so for now, he's my cat."

Katsuki glares at him, hard.

"I see one hair out of place and I will-"

"Kill you- Yeah got it, great, got it dad so do I have the permission to take your son out to a date?"

"Date?!" Katsuki and Izuku yelled in unison.

"I-I mean er,  well-"

"It's a joke, Izu- well uh.. do you...want-?"

"No he doesn't want- you can take him out and hang out but no dates."

"Deal." Shinso And Katsuki shook hands, Izuku let himself down the ground and he left with Shinso.

Katsuki sneakily followed behind of course, no one steals his cat away just like that and no one makes his cat agree to being stolen just like that-

"Kacchan stop following us, seriously, I'll be fine." Izuku fusses, "Shin's a great person!"

Katuski stared at their interlocked arms, Shinso giving it a squeeze every now and then- unfair, my cat has never let me touch his hands before-



"No." Katsuki makes it more clear. Izuku stares at him for a couple of seconds, his pupils wide before it shrinks.



"I guess you'll just be stuck seeing us like this- Shin, carry me!" Izuku demands, Shinso blinked for a moment before he carries Izuku again.

"You're the best but you should pet me a lot more, Kacchan doesn't rub my ears too much since he has explosive hands but you have normal hands, pet me there?-"

"Okay fine! I'm leaving, whatever!" Katsuki huffs, walking away angrily.

"That was easy." Izuku mutters, "Hey, this isn't a date, right?"

"...I mean- y-yeah, why?"

"Just asking, also do you really want to go to a cat cafe?"

"I'll buy you treats."

"Stop bribing me."

"Did it work?"


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