Valentines day

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// is this a part of the book or not???

We'll never know c;

"I don't understand how you can eat such poison, Kacchan." Izuku says, plopping a box of chocolates on his desk, "such a weird tradition to give chocolates in this one specific day of the year, what would eating sweets get you anyways? It'll just get you fat."

"Don't know either, some people go on dates or something." Izuku's face lights up.

"Hey Kacchan."


"Take me out on a date, it's Valentine's Day."


"I said take me out on a date! I've never been on one before, so take me out on one." Katsuki slowly blinks.



Katsuki wasn't really sure why he agreed. To be honest he did have plans to take Izuku out today- not on a date, like as a walk in the park because today was Izuku's schedule for walking in random weird parts of the town and Katsuki has to be with him to make sure that he won't get kidnapped or something. But now Izuku is here, waiting for him to take him out somewhere and he's not sure where.

In the end he just ended up taking Izuku to the mall. Bad idea though.

"Agh, Kacchan, it's so noisy!" Izuku immediately whines, clinging to him, "take me somewhere else Kacchan, I don't like it here!" Izuku says, practically dragging him out themselves. Bad idea, now Izuku is upset, pouting and looking at Katsuki with a wagging tail indicating that he was annoyed. Katsuki wasn't sure what to do or how to cheer Izuku up so he went to the next place that Katsuki's sure Izuku will enjoy.

The pet store.

"Get whatever you want. I don't mind." He says, his wallet can suffer a bit more, he already had a strike for bringing Izuku somewhere noisy, he really doesn't want to do the greenette anymore wrongs. Izuku wandered around the store for a bit before returning with two beef flavored snacks for cats, just about 280 yen each.

Katsuki looks at his wallet and then the treats. And then he marches to where Izuku got it and pulled 3 more, he'd be damned if he only he only got his cat two cheap beef treats on Valentine's Day, what kind of owner does that make him? Actually heck that, he got Izuku a new pretty collar too that Izuku was eyeing earlier and a can of wet cat food.

Izuku seemed pleased with his offerings and immediately replaced his collar with the red one with golden spikes Katsuki got him, giving his old one to the blond since he seems to like keeping them. Next, Katsuki takes him to a Korean barbecue place to grill some meat.

They spend the next hour there, Katsuki was the one doing all the work while Izuku only watched, even being hand fed by Katsuki, 1/4th through Izuku got annoyed and just sat on Katsuki's lap, not only can he make sure that the meat wasn't being burnt and that Katsuki was feeding him the good meat, it also made it easier for Katsuki to feed him and not to mention, the warmth the blond was giving.

Izuku got lazy and had Katsuki carry him out of the restaurant, Katsuki bought him some cold water in a bottle, making Izuku hold unto it as he carries him, Izuku saved him some trouble by perching up on his shoulders instead, making it easier to carry the plastic bags that had Izuku's food in them. Their last destination was the park, Izuku just wanted to frolick around and stretch his legs since he hasn't been able to move much since he was too lazy to earlier.

Katsuki kneeled down and Izuku got off him. Immediately disappearing to some trees. Katsuki knows that he won't stray off too far, even if he does, if Izuku finds something interesting or curious about he'll return to Katsuki and demand the blond knows about what it is or something. He sits on the bench, just scrolling mindlessly through his feed on his phone, Izuku returns just before sunset, dropping five birds, 3 big and 2 small on his lap.

"...Thanks." Katsuki says, even if he doesn't... really want them, he knows how much it meant to get a gift like this from a cat, Izuku watched with focused eyes as Katsuki was setting them inside of his bag with a plastic, looking thoroughly satisfied seeing them safe and tucked in. Next Izuku sat on his lap and demanded to be pet as a reward for getting him those... birds. That one, Katsuki doesn't mind at all.

"This was nice, Kacchan, take me out on a date again." Katsuki remembers his wallet.

"Maybe next week. Can't have it every day or it'll lose its meaning, Deku." For once, Izuku doesn't mind.

"Okay fine, but I wanna come over tomorrow, mom wants me to spend more time with you."

"That's fine." Katsuki mutters, hugging the greenette loosely, the teen leaned unto his embrace, purring.

"Oi, the sun is down, let's get you home kitten."

"Mhmm, I'm lazy, carry me?"

"Do I get anything out of it?" Katsuki says, knowing Izuku would refuse to do anything. Izuku glances around, widening his pupils to get a better look at his surroundings- seeing a couple making out behind the bushes where no one else can see them then he looks back to Katsuki who was looking at him, curious.

Izuku leans in and presses a kiss, a quick peck more than anything before he curls up to Katsuki's lap, expecting to be carried. Katsuki stares at him, blankly. Izuku squeaks, not expecting Katsuki to give him another kiss, clinging unto his neck, trying not to fall. They stayed locked like that for a couple of moments before Katsuki pulls away, Izuku greedily sucked in air.

"Geez, warn me next time- Hey, you're going to carry me now, aren't you?" Katsuki wordlessly did, lifting him up like he weighed nothing, Izuku fell asleep halfway through and woke up to soft comfortable sheets.

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