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Sero thought that Bakugou wasn't capable of feeling anything aside from anger, disappointment and annoyance.

He was wrong, especially as they watched the blond nervously scratching the back of his head, a nervous smile on his face as the green headed stranger huffs, his arms crossed.

"Hmph, Kacchan promised to take me out today."

"Of course, I'm taking you out today!"

"Who are those people then?!" The cute stranger points at them, him, Kaminari and Kirishima stilled, their hands raised up.

"They just followed me I swear! I wasn't planning to spend the day with them! They just followed me!" The greenette pouts.

"Are they gonna keep following us?"

"It's fine, I'll take care of it." Katsuki says, petting Izuku's head before he goes to them, they froze solid as Katsuki angrily marches up to them.

"YOU FUCKS DIDN'T YOU HEAR HIM?! FUCK OFF-" before Katsuki can finish his sentence the three ran away.


Katsuki enters the classroom looking like he usually is, grumpy, probably would murder the next person who talks to him so pretty much the usual. Like he has no emotions aside from anger but Sero knew better.

At lunch Katsuki finished his meal as soon as possible and left, Kirishima and Kaminari looked at each other and then to him and they nodded, following their classmate to wherever he plans to go.

"Kacchan, I can come over next Saturday, I got the outfit you wanted."

"Ah, you did?"

Their eyes widened as Katsuki's face turned impossibly red and there was a smile on his face, he looks pleased as hell. The cute stranger was there again, nodding.

"Mhm, you really like fantasy themed stuff? I got you wolf ears too! We can match, I'll be red riding hood and you can be the wolf."

"Ah... that's fine, definitely." Katsuki looked even more pleased to himself, his ears were turning red too and his hands were getting antsy, looking like they want to grab unto something.

"Have you had lunch yet Kacchan?"


"Oh, lets eat together then. Shinso will be there though, is that fine?" Katsuki's face soured but he huffs and nods.

"As long as he doesn't do anything funny I'm fine with it."

"Here." The green haired male hands him a bento, "let's go."

"Y-Yeah, I'm starving."

Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero returns to their table, Katsuki's empty lunch tray is still there, it's contents eaten.



"That dude is Bakubro's boyfriend, I know. He has a cat quirk and has play dates with my dog. They have conversations." Kirishima says, showing them a picture of Izuku being smother by his dog, Katsuki is in the background, looking irritated beyond hell.

"Bakugou has a boyfriend?" Sero asks.

"Is that even possible? I thought he's like, only gay for fighting." Kaminari mutters.

"Me too, I didn't know until he actually got jealous of Togata and told him that Deku is his and to keep his paws off."

"Bakugou got jealous of a dog?"

"Is that even possible? I thought he like, only gets jealous of grades or something."

"He also spoils him rotten, like one request from Deku and he immediately does it like a loyal puppy."

"Bakugou can take requests?"

"Is that even possible? I thought he like-"

"Maybe try not to talk about the person who's right next to all of you, you fucks?" Katsuki growls, "what I do is none of your business anyways, what the fuck."

"Bakubro! I didn't know you were there!"

"You were the one that invited me, what the fuck."

"We all can be a little forgetful at times!"

"I've been here for 10 minutes, all you've talked about is your dog, me, my boyfriend and your stupid crocs."

"So he's your boyfriend?" Katsuki groans.

"Yes, he is!"

"You're gay?"

"No, I'm not interested on anyone else aside from him."

"Aw, Bakubro's only gay for his bf!" Kaminari coos.

"That is so sweet! Have you kissed yet?" Sero asks, Katsuki turns red and Kaminari let's out a barely held back squeal.

"...N-No er, I want it to be special so-"


"Shut up!" Katsuki screams, his entire face red, "I-I've been t-trying to find a good time to you know- do it but it always seem so- I don't know casual?! Like ergh the moment is always when we're just hanging around my room! I want to take him to romantic places and kiss him there but he doesn't like going out that much so-"

"It's fine Bakubro." Kirishima pats his shoulder, Sero and Kaminari inches closer.

"I-I just want it to be special for him you know? I don't want to just, take his first kiss when we're just cuddling on a coach or lazing around in my bed, it just doesn't feel right to do it in such a casual place! I want to make him feel special and stuff, like a good boyfriend."

"That's so manly! I want to cry!"

"Kirishima you're already crying." Sero snorts, "don't worry, I'm sure you'll find a good moment soon."

"You think so?"


"Yeah, I'm sure you'll find a nice moment soon enough, Kacchan." Izuku said, hugging Katsuki from behind, the four stilled.


"You're 5 minutes late so I wondered what's up, in my opinion I don't really care about my 'first kiss' being special, I just want it to be with Kacchan so..." Izuku murmurs, "lets just go on our date, okay? I'm hungry."

"O-Oh... Yeah sure, let's go." Katsuki stood up, his face entire red although he acts like it didn't affect him, the trio watched as the usually angry blond, left with his boyfriend.

"Bakubro has so many emotions, I was so wrong." Kirishima mutters, looking touched.

"Yeah that was so sweet! I wanna have a boyfriend now too, I'm so jealous!" Kaminari whines.

"You'll find someone special someday as long as you're patient."

"You think so?"



"Kacchan, you always buy me collars but you ever thought of putting me on a leash?" Izuku asks on their date while they're waiting for their food, Katsuki stills.

"Er, no? Why are you asking?"

"Togata asks me if I ever go on a walk with you with a leash on, he thinks it's dangerous for me, you should show him that you can leash me too." Izuku murmurs, "just don't tug on it too much."

"Is that fine?" Izuku nods although he looks at Katsuki suspiciously.

"Just don't make it as weird as you do with the dresses."

"Yeah that's fine that's fine, you're still coming over, right?"

"Actually, do you want to come to my place? Mum has a whole, closet full of the stuff so you can just pick what you want me to wear. She said she'll be gone this weekend so I don't have to worry about her taking pictures and framing it."

"Your parents won't be home?"

"Yep, is there a problem? We can still go to your house instead."

"N-No it's fine, I'm just thinking, don't mind me."


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