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Izuku pouts, kind of upset, he's kind of sad that he only noticed recently since his classmates pointed it out. He told Kacchan to only do things he want but for some reason, the only thing the blond did is to spoil him even more and Izuku doesn't know why. Like right now.

"Deku, treats." Katsuki says, dumping like 17 packs down his desk, Izuku squeaks.

"K-Kacchan? Why so many?" Katsuki shrugs.

"Eat well." Katsuki pets his head, Izuku whines.

"No Kacchan, you can't give me treats like a snack! Feed them to me when I'm doing good things!" Izuku insists, whining and for some reason that made Katsuki slip in another pack ontop of the rubble.

"But I want to-"

"I don't care Kacchan! I said what I said and if you don't get those out of my face right now I'll claw you!" Izuku huffs, looking away, trying to ignore the treats right infront of him.

"Are you sure Deku?" Izuku nods.

"Look, Deku, premium brand-"

Izuku hisses at him, his claws out, ready to kill, Katsuki quickly takes away the treats. Izuku huffs, he's a pet cat and he should be spoiled but he should be spoiled only for doing good things. Nothing more nothing less.


Izuku almost forgets that they're in their last year of junior high and that he needs to you know, take care of entrance exams and stuff like that. He also realizes why Katsuki keeps trying to spoil him, it's probably bribery to have Izuku not disturb him during his solo practices somewhere with his quirk since Katsuki is aiming for the hero course in UA. Well it's not like Izuku's planning to disturb him anyways.

Izuku was planning to study, was. But while he was studying he saw a pretty bird outside and then proceeded to try to claw the bird // while not opening the window // as it chirped and chirped And was only stopped half an hour later when Inko came in to bring him water.

So Izuku decided to just not study because he's lazy and all he wants to do is sleep and cuddle to Kacchan but Kacchan isn't here right now and it's kind of unsatifying but he's still sleepy so he sleeps anyways.

He's kinda bummed out, because he almost didn't spend time with his owner the past few months aside from in class, so he had to settle on with the... next best.

"No don't pet me like that! I want you to lightly scratch not dig in your nails! Do you think it's pleasant when I dig your nails into you?"

"...I mean, I like it-"

"Weirdo." Izuku huffs, nuzzling up to him, "whatever, just keep petting- also stop touching my stomach, do you want me to bite you? I'm really close to your neck you know."

"I mean..."

"Don't finish that sentence, ugh I hurt you too much now you're into it, it's weird." Izuku mutters, "but if I'm nice to you you're still just as weird, just pet me- properly." Shinso finally does it, petting him properly, he sighs, leaning unto the purplenette, he felt kind of weird right now and he's not really sure why, purring uncontrollably as he keeps getting closer and closer to the other teen.

"Uh.. Izuku?"


"I think you're in heat."


"Oh, thank you for returning him! Uh... what's your name again?" Inko asks, taking Izuku into her arms, "Sorry, only Katsuki ever visits here and you don't really stay long enough to talk."

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