Chapter 18. Scared?

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(Izuku's POV)

I woke up slowly and felt weight on my limbs. I looked around to see a dark room. Off on the side by a bookcase was Mr. Aizawa and Kachan. I tried to get up but I was chained to a bed. I looked around and realized this was the bedroom the villains gave me. The door opened and Dad walked in. "Hey son how are you feeling?" He asked while walking over. "Fine I guess." I replied realizing I had an IV in my arm. "Good the suppressants worked. Now are you going to behave or are we going to have to take away your friends." He asked. "No I was just scared something bad was going to happen to Prince so I ran. He just followed my orders." I said. "Prince?" He asked confused as he removed most the chains. "I named the nomu Prince." I said as he had an oh face. I sat up up as the chain on my neck made a clunk noise. "Can you put Eraserhead and Kachan on the bed please. They look uncomfortable against the bookcase." I said and he nodded and picked them up. Mr. Aizawa started to stir as Dad adjusted the chain on my neck. Mr. Aizawa had a chain on his right ankle and Kachan had one on his left. Mr. Aizawa woke up and looked around till his eyes landed on Dad who was holding my arm roughly and taking the IV out. "Don't touch him!" Mr. Aizawa yelled grabbing me and pulling me towards him. "What are you going to do? He is my son after all." Dad said on a dark voice making me tremble. "I'll be back with your dinner in two hours so sit tight. Izuku your getting another dose then too so don't even try and fight." He warned making me press against Mr. Aizawa. I still can't use my quirk so I still have my heat. "Yes, sir." I said quickly. Once he left Mr. Aizawa pulled me closer to him. "It's okay. It's okay." He said petting my hair. "Mr. Aizawa are you alright?" I asked relaxing into his arms. "I should be asking you that question. What did he have in that IV." Mr. Aizawa asked. "A suppressant helping my heat I guess. At least that's what he told me." I said looking at Kachan. "When do you think he will wake up?" I asked. "Soon, if I woke up this soon." He said. After that was when Kachan started to stir. He blinked and looked around. He looked over and saw me and Mr. Aizawa sitting together. Kachan grabbed me from Mr. Aizawa and place me in his lap. "I'm not some toy to play with." I grumbled as they started to fight over me. I had enough and broke out of their grip as they fought over me. I walked over to the bookcase and grabbed a book. I went to go to a chair by the door but my chain wouldn't let me. Mr. Aizawa and Kachan were whispering and looked over at me a couple of times while talking. I sat on the end of the bed and started read. All of a sudden I felt hands wrap around my waist and pulled me towards them. I had no way to escape. I had Mr. Aizawa on my left and Kachan on my right holding me down on the bed. They hugged me and I realized that it helped release the stress that was slowly building because of the situations. "You should really learn to release your stress on something because you still have the habit of reading and writing notes when your very stressed." Kachan  said rubbing my head. The warmth between our bodies that it lowled me to sleep.

(Aizawa's POV)

We trapped Izuku in a hug against the bed because he was really stressed. Bakugou explained to me what he does when he is really stressed. "Well what should we do? We are chained to a wall and Izuku is sleeping." I said. "We really can't do anything until we know how to get out of here." Bakugou said as we placed Izuku onto the bed out of our arms. We just sat there for what felt like forever. The door opened and a guy with patches stapled to his face came in. "Well look who we have here." He laughed. It was the guy I fought with at the training camp. He walked towards the bed and Bakugou and I got up and guarded Izuku protectively over Izuku. "What do you want!" I yelled. "Just checking out our new guests. Also I would behave or I will tell them to not give you dinner." He said with a smirk as Izuku started to awaken. "So our little King awakens." He said smirking. 

(Izuku's POV)

"So our little King awakens." I heard someone say. I sat up and looked at what was going on. Dabi was looking at me with a smirk. My Dad opened the door with an IV stand following behind him. Dabi walked towards Mr. Aizawa and Kachan. "Are you sure you want to fight and protect him just from a dose of medicine he needs?" He asked. Dabi used the moment that they were thinking in to restrain them. "Now Izuku are you going to fight back too?" My Father asked prepping a needle. He walked towards me and I just shook my head and backed up till my back hit the headrest. I tried launching of the bed away from him but he grabbed my chain on my neck and pulled hard launching me back. I landed right in front of him. He held me down and grabbed chains that I had first woken up in and tied me down. "Now you are just not behaving anymore. Do I need to take away your little friends away? You know Tomura would love to just kill Eraserhead." My Dad said. "No please don't take them away . I was just scared. I-I hate needles." I said lying right through my teeth. My Father held my arm and shoved the needle in. I winced and started to tremble. Feeling the liquid spread through my arm and body and it started to hurt. I felt the heat and discomfort came back. My Father's face became one of confusion while mine was pain and I pulled on the chains. "Why aren't they working!" My Father yelled. "I don't know. They were earlier!" Dabi panicked as he watched me. The pain started to get worse and tears fell down my face. "They are only making it worse! We need to do something." Dad yelled while being by my side. "We need to do that!" Dabi said. "I refuse to let a Nomu rape my son!" My Dad yelled making the three of us to thrash and try to break free. My Father and Dabi got into a big fight and in the end Dad picked up Dabi and threw him out. "No Nomu is going to rape my son. We will find another way to end your heat." My Dad said removing the IV to stop making it worse. He undid the chains and picked me up. He unlocked the ones on Mr. Aizawa and Kachan. "Follow but be quiet. Lock me up I don't care but at least help my son. I shouldn't have let them turn him into this. My poor son. My poor son." He said holding me close. All I did was whimper as pain throbbed through my body and my Father looked down at me with guilt. The three of them snuck out through the back quietly with me still in Dad's arms. As they walked through alleys, the pain just worsened. I cried out as a wave of pain hit me hard. "Shhh I know I'm sorry. This is my fault. I shouldn't have let them do this. I should have accepted you for who you were." My Father whispered to me. They came out of an alley near UA as I started to jolt. They broke out into a run to get to the gates. Mr. Aizawa gave Dad visitors permits. They rushed inside and into the infirmary. They busted through the door and scared everyone in the room. All Might, Present Mic, Nezu, Todoroki, and Recovery Girl was all in the room. "Young Bakugou, Young Izuku, and Aizawa! Are you okay?" All Might asked. "No Izuku's heat got ten times worse!" Mr. Aizawa said grabbing me and placing me on a bed. Setting up an IV and restraining my arms and legs. "What was in the suppressants and what do  most of them do?" Mr. Aizawa yelled. (Hisashi lists off ingredients and doesn't know what they do.) "We had scientists make them. I just know what's in them." Dad yelled back. I cried out again in pain as another wave hit me hard. "What is another way besides that to be done?" Mr. Aizawa asked. "Nothing and I won't allow that to be done." My Father yelled as he rubbed my neck. "How long are these heats supposed to last?" Nezu aked. "About 7-8 days."  My Father said. "It only has been 3." All Might replied. Hearing this I whimpered and scared to feel this pain and discomfort for another 4-5 days. It hurts as is and is slowly getting worse. "Well what is the that your all talking about?" Present Mic asked. "They are saying to have someone deflower Izuku." My Father said. "What do you mean deflower Izuku?" Present Mic asked again. "He means for someone to fuck Izuku." Mr. Aizawa yelled madly. 

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