Part 1 Death

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Not all humans are created equally. Izuku Midoriya found that out the hard way. Izuku was born quirkless and was bullied for being quirkless. He loved heros but slowly started hating them. What made him realize he hated heros is when the number 1 hero All Might told him he can't become a hero. His childhood "best friend" Katsuki Bakugou told him he can't become a hero and would bully and beat Izuku. Izuku started to hate his life. He was suicidal and would cut. Izuku never had the courage to kill himself. Not until today. He was in class when the teacher said, "Bakugou you want to go to UA right?" Then said "Midoriya you want to go too right?" That's when Katsuki slammed his hands on the desk and he looked pissed. (not putting entire conversation here) Katsuki said "Hey Deku why don't you take a swan dive off the roof and hope you get a quirk in the next life." Little did Katsuki know that Izuku took his advice and finally had the courage to do it. Izuku finally had enough and made his way to the roof. He stood on the edge and finally took what seemed like his last steps.

So please don't hate this is my first book ever on wattpad. I know I am a bad writer, but i felt like writing this. I will TRY and update soon. I might be busy with school, band, or cheer.

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