Part 3 The Lab Experiment

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Izuku's POV

I felt pain everywhere and I couldn't even move. I tried to open my eyes and when I did there was a bright light so on instincts I shut them. I slowly opened them this time too get them used to the light. I look straight and I was in a room that looked orange? As I looked around I saw it looked like a lab. There was a table with straps on it for a human. Then next too it was a cart with needles and scalpels and other surgical items. The table with straps had dried blood. As I looked around I thought of what I looked like right now cause I thought I had jumped on the roof like Kacchan (Katsuki) suggested. When I looked down I noticed I had an oxygen mask on my face. I had things connected and in my skin. I then thought of something. I was not in an orange room but in a lab tube in neon orange liquid. Right after that thought someone came barging in the room after slamming the metal door open and went to the cart of needles and other things. He picked up a syringe with something in it. He then walked over to the tube I was in and injected it into a tube that was connected to the lab tube. (idk how to describe it really) Everything started hurting and burning worse. Finally able to move a bit I started twitching like crazy from the pain. The twitching might have startled the guy who injected it into the tube in the first place. I started to blackout from the pain as the guy just stares at me.

Tomura's POV

Sensei told me to go inject something in that tube that the boy we captured was in. I walked too the lab room he was in and grabbed what syringe I was told to grab and walked over to the tube. I noticed the boy looked like he was awake. I grabbed the Medicine tube that was connected to the tube that had medicine tubes connected to and in the boy's skin. Once injected I watch for a second to see if there was a reaction and surprisingly there was. The reaction caused me too jump slightly. The boy started twitching slightly then slowly twitching worse. Sensei said that the twitch was a good reaction I guess. After a little bit the twitching stopped and looked like he passed out.

Hey everyone it's DogMaster again. I am trying to get better at this but I'm running out of ideas to use so help an author out with ideas? Be good my little puppies and Bye Bye!

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