Chapter 15 Deku?

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I walked into a bar containing familiar looking people. I followed Father to the bar where he sat on a stool. I stood standing next to him not really sure what to do. He asked for a drink then looked at me. "You may sit Izuku. You don't need to stand." He said jestering to the stool next to him. I hesitated for a minute before taking a spot on the empty bar stool. I shifted uncomfortably as the bartender came back with Father's drink. The bartender looked at me expecting me to ask for a drink. We just stared at each other for a couple minutes till Dad spoke up again. "Izuku, would you like a drink?" I just shook my head lightly no. "how come he doesn't talk much or do things by himself most the time?" A male with light blue hair asked. "He is a sentient Nomu. To be exact, he is the King of Nomus and he also gets nervous." He replied very calmly. The word Nomu made me uncomfortable. Actually these people made me uncomfortable also. "May I got outside for a moment?" I asked Dad. "Sure but just stay out of trouble." He replied without even looking at me. I stood up and walked out the door to be greeted by a wall of cool air. I stepped out farther and looked up at the sky. I feel like I'm forgetting something important. It felt like as if I'm forgetting something important in general. I stared up at the stars till I felt someone grab my shoulder. I looked back at who grabbed my shoulder. It was the bartender. "I'm sorry but I never asked you for your name." I said quietly. I shifted under his grip as he took a minute to register my question. "My name is Kurogiri." He replied while looking up at the sky. "Kurogiri, why am I so uncomfortable around the people in the bar?" I asked looking back at the sky. "I don't know. I'm sorry you feel uncomfortable. But we should get you accustomed to your room. You also need to eat and drink something." He replied. "You sound like my mother." I mumbled but still he heard me because he stifled a laugh. "Your name is Izuku, right?" He asked. "Yea." I replied quietly. "Well Izuku, we should go inside before you get sick." Kurogiri replied before motioning to the door. I nodded and turned. Kurogiri never let go of my shoulder during our talk earlier or now. When we walked in the bar we had all eyes on us. "Did you enjoy your little break?" Dad asked as we walked toward him. "Yes thank you." I replied meekly feeling smaller then I was with all eyes on me. "Why don't we show you to your room Izuku. You will be staying here because I have work to do that I won't be able to take care of you. So make sure you listen to Tomura and Kurogiri. Do what they tell you, behave for them if not they are aloud to punish you anyway they seem fit, and be careful. I love you son I will see you when I'm done. He said while getting up. I followed as he made his way to a greyish door. He opened it and lightly pushed me in. "Get some rest. Kurogiri will give you food and a drink soon. You will get a schedule of what we are going to do for the week. When you have free time you will either be in the bar, training room, or here nowhere else." The blue haired male replied before closing the door. He opened it again and popped his head in quickly. "Also my name is Tomura but for now sleep." He said as I was overcome by black.

(Tomura's POV Brought to you by my tiredness ._.)

Izuku just dropped to the floor after I told him to rest. I slapped my head realizing that he was a Nomu and would follow my commands. I picked up his limp body and placed him on the bed. Once I placed him on the bed I heard stomping and struggling. Kurogiri teleported into the room and locked the door. "He didn't say that Izuku was that Nomu." He mumbled as he stood in front of me and Izuku. The door smashed open as a Nomu came through in a rage. "Kurogiri what the Fuck is happening!!" I yelled. "Izuku is a male Nomu that can reproduce with its own gender." He replied. The Nomu launched at us eyes looked on Izuku. I grabbed Izuku as Kurogiri teleported us. We looked around to see where we are and saw we teleported right in the middle of a villain's fight with All Might. We stared dumbfounded at the fight. The fight ended with All Might winning. He spotted us while turning around. I forgot that Izuku was still unconscious on my shoulder. All Might had a pissed off face. He disappeared and I felt Izuku's weight gone. Kurogiri tried to get Izuku back as I distracted All Might. All Might then handed Izuku to Death Arms and said something to him. He nodded then ran off. "Shit Sensei is going to kill me. No, Hisashi is going to kill me before Sensei." I yelled.

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