Part 5 I Died?

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I wasn't planning to update today but HimikoToga00000 requested more so I have to comply. So off to the chapter.

Previously on Nomu Deku

.............My dad?

Izuku's POV

I'm lost in my thoughts after that conversation. One thought is shouldn't I be dead? The other is my dad, but I haven't met my dad ever in my life. In the misted of my confusion Handyman just picked me up cause I wasn't moving from my spot. I wasn't snapped from my confusion till I was engulfed in blackness. It felt weird. Finally we came out and we were in front of two men. One with a mask on his face that looked like it was giving him life support. The other man wasn't really seeable. He had a black hoodie on and the hood was covering his face. The man with the mask started first. He said, "Hello Izuku Midoriya my name is All for One, and I am the reason your alive right now." That confused me I replied, "So I didn't die?" "No you did but I used one of my quirks too revive you." "So I am tecniqually still dead?" The man in the hoodie replied, "Yes." I started to ramble about how they revived me and the drawbacks of using that kind of quirk. Handyman chimed in "Stop fucking rambling." Too be honest I forgot he was here. I finally started talking again with the men in the room and asked, " So if your One for All than who is the man in the hood." Soon after the man replied, "I am Hisashi Midoriya or otherwise known as your father."

Katsuki's POV

I finally have to go to school at UA. I have reminded myself that I am going too respect Deku. They still have found no trace of him and classified him as dead. I walked in the class 1-A and walked to a desk and sat while putting my feet on the desk. Soon after a shitty looking extra ran over and started yelling at me to take my feet of the desk and that its disrespectful. The door opened and a girl with brown hair walked in and the shitty extra ran over to her greeting her. Soon after they started taking a guy who looked like a hobo came in. (Sorry Aizawa lovers but the first appearance he did) He told us if we are here to make friends too leave. He then told us as we were in our seats that it took us 8 secs to quiet down, and continued on with some shit.

(Time Skip Brought To You By Aizawa's Sleeping Bag)

We were outside and in the P.E. uniforms. We had to do some quirk evaluation test. I was told to take a softball and throw it with my quirk. It went 705.3 meters.

(Time Skip Brought To My Laziness)

Aizawa was talking about how in a couple of days we are going to the USJ facility for rescue training. Sometime during him talking he would yell at me because I was spacing out thinking about Deku and his case. I still feel guilty and it won't come off my chest no matter what i do. I was thinking about the funeral we had for him. We buried an empty casket. Just the other day I was told to go check up on Aunty Inko, and was not happy with the result. I found her surrounded in blood on the ground dead. I called 911 and I was only brought to the thoughts of Izuku's disappearance again.

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