Part 7 Don't Yell

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I know I am getting off track and it's short but we will get there I promise.

Izuku had finally gotten away from the villains, and he was sound asleep in the classroom of class 1-A. The class was in the room while the teachers were in a meeting to talk about the USJ incident and about the little otter that they now had. They were confused on why the otter had left the villains and show teeth and had aggression toward the villains. The teachers also didn't know who was gonna take care of him for the week they will not be here because of the attack. They thought that if the otter could be smart enough he can choose who would take care of him for the week. Once this matter is solved the teachers will send the students home for a week. While the teachers were talking the students were watching the sleeping otter. The sleeping otter slowly started to wake. When the little otter woke up halfway he gave out a tiny yawn while stretching out its muscles. The students, well most of them, gave out an awe in response of the little otter's cuteness. The sudden noise scared the otter. He soon realized that he was safely away from the villains. While Izuku studied the students Todoroki had came up to him and felt for a collar which he had found. The collar's tag had said the little otter's name was Izuku. The tag also said if found return me to (Random Bar). Todoroki read the tag out loud. Katsuki heard the name and started thinking of Deku. When Todoroki went to leave Izuku jumped off the desk onto Todoroki's shoulder. He climbed on top of Todoroki's head and layed down. Izuku looked around at the rest of the students while Todoroki stood still cause he didn't know what to do. After looking at most of the students Izuku noticed one that stood out to him. KATSUKI!!!!! He dashed off Todoroki's head as gentle as he could. He ran to Katsuki who looked like he was trapped in his thoughts. He jumped up on Katsuki's lap and wrapped around his neck. Katsuki was snapped out of his thoughts and felt the little otter wrapped around his neck. Todoroki went to go get the teachers to show them what he found. Katsuki on the other hand felt like he was with Deku or should I say Izuku Midoriya. Little did he know he actually was. Katsuki had started to pet Izuku which Izuku purred towards that action. While Katsuki was gently petting Izuku the teachers were surprised at the sight of a gently Bakugou. He then realized that everyone was watching him and he automatically started yelling. "WHAT THE FUCK YOU LOOKING AT HUH?" Izuku flinched at first then put his paws on his ears. He started whimpering and shaking. Katsuki stopped in the middle of him yelling 'YOU FUCKING EXTR.....' He started to pet Izuku too calm him down whispering sorry Izuku multiple times. Izuku started to calm down as the teachers just watched. They had figured out who was gonna take care of the little Izuku. The teacher/pro hero Eraserhead had spoken to the class and told them school was out for a week. They also told Katsuki that he would take care of Izuku the otter.

OMG I am so sorry my little puppies. I had 13 pages of storyline but decided it was EXTREME trash and scratched most of it. BUT I will try and update tomorrow but NO PROMISES because I have a game I have to play band and cheer at after halftime and the only time I can update at is at school lunch or in the morning. But for now this is the one and only DogMaster!!! See you later my little puppies or should I say Hasta Luego (Sorry I take spanish 1) And BYE BYE!!!!!!

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