Part 6? The USJ

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This chapter is brought to you by AmandaAishi  and silvermoon251  for asking and requesting me to update and when i was gonna update.

Izuku's POV

I was thinking about if he was really my father. He had taken his hood off. He had some things that did look like I may have inherited from him if he was my father. (Not gonna explain what cause no one really knows what his father really looks like.) I had to act like I lost my memory for now so I will act like believe him. "So where are we gonna go father." "We are gonna go get you some quirks." I was excited I finally but I was scared what quirk I was gonna get. I was also confused on how the thought I believed that this guy was my dad. We started walking through a long hallway. We stopped in front of an oak wood door. They opened the door and lightly pushed me in and told me to wait here with handyman or as they said Tomura. I looked around and the room was a bedroom with green and black like my hair. The bed was green with black blankets and green pillows. I ask handyman, "Hey Handyman, who's room is this." First off my name is Tomura, and second it's your bedroom." They had a bedroom for me already? How were they planning to either kidnap me or revive me. After those thoughts I thought if I already have a bedroom they have no intention on letting me go home. After like 5 minutes of walking around I started getting tired so I walked to the bed. The thing that started creeping me out was Tomura was watching my every move. (This is where I had too stop cause of me getting grounded yesterday) I just layed on the bed and fell asleep.

(Time Skip brought to you by Tomura's mean face)

When I started to wake up I felt someone pick me up off the bed. To be honest the bed was comfy and being carried by someone wasn't as comfy. I started to stir in the person's arms because I haven't opened my eyes. The person had to tighten the grip he had on Izuku so he wouldn't drop him and wake him up cause he thought he was still sleeping. Izuku was trying to figure out who was carrying him just by the way they carried him and how they had their arms. Sadly he couldn't tell. He slowly opened his eyes and saw that the man carrying him was the man that claimed to be his father. His so called father looked down at him and saw he was awake. He didn't say anything just looked forward after smiling. They finally reached their destination. It was a room that was like a lab. They started walking towards a table with straps. Izuku started to struggle and panic scared of what will happen. He fought and fought but the struggle was useless in the end. His so called father, Korugiri, and Tomura got him on the table and strapped down. He looked at them with panic and fear in his eyes. He could tell they felt bad for Izuku and felt even worse for what's coming next. Izuku would be yelling but he had a muzzle on. (Yes a muzzle like Katsuki did at the sports festival) Any noise he made was just a muffled mess. His father came over and tried to calm him down while telling him it was okay and he was sorry that he was gonna be in pain. Izuku was confused why he would be in pain. Before he continued his thoughts All for One came in. He was holding two syringes. He walked over to me and said, "This will hurt but will give you your quirks." Wait a second, QUIRKS? I thought they were only giving me one! He explained one of the quirks. The quirk was called Elemental Dragon Slayer. The next quirk was a quirk called Animal. After explaining what they are he injected the stuff into me. IT HURT LIKE HELL. Everything was burning and hurting. It felt like my muscles and bones were tearing apart. Every inch hurt. Every atom hurt actually. I was trying to scream but couldn't. I soon saw my father come over and try to help but nothing helped. I soon passed out from pain.

Katsuki's POV

I had to go to that fucking hell hole again today. I'm not as loud as I normally am. After what happened with De... no Izuku's mother he was the only one on my mind. The hobo of a teacher came in and said that in two days we would be going to the USJ. "THANKS FOR THE REMINDER YOU TOLD US YESTERDAY!!!" I yelled. I was tired of having Izuku on my mind it only caused guilt. So to take it off I'll just yell like always.

(Time Skip cause I'm a bad author)

Izuku's POV

I woke up on my bed. I saw my father next to me. WHY AM I CALLING HIM MY FATHER EVEN IN MY THOUGHTS NOW? My so called father woke up and say me awake. Before I could even register what was going on he hugged me and asked if I was okay. That's a little far for someone pretending to be my father. Before even answering him All for One came in and told me I needed training and knowing how to use my quirk in less than two days. WHAT? HOW AM I GOING TO DO THAT?!

(Time Skip..... AGAIN? Yes I'm sorry.. :( )

It has been two days and I have been working my ASS off. I don't know how but I'm an expert now at hand to hand combat and I have mastered my quirks. We were getting ready to attack the USJ. The question on your mind might be.........Why am I acting like a villain. (Shit Izuku stop breaking the fourth wall) The reason why is while we are attacking or should I say them I will escape. I was given a tuxedo that had a green tie and black gloves. But before we went to the USJ I became an otter. (Please don't ask why) I sat on top of Tomura's head. At first he tried to get me off but I grabbed his hair with my otter paws. He was trying to pull me off with one finger off of me. In the end he gave up. He walked through the portal and on the top of the steps by the entrance was the students and the pro heros Thirteen and Eraserhead. While everyone was distracted I ran. I jumped off Tomura and ran as fast as I could. I was weaving and dodging the villains that tried to grab me cause Tomura yelled at them to. I got out of the crowd of villains and ran up the stairs. I got to the top and was already wrapped in a scarf or something. I was tired so I didn't move. It was a lot harder to run as an otter than a human. The scarf was brought back to the pro hero Eraserhead. He stared at me for a moment while I was panting really hard. He handed me to one of the students. He had looked like a robot but he was only in a costume even I knew that. I just sat in his arms. He held me like I was going to try and escape. I wasn't planning on it and I was still tired from running. I looked at Tomura and he looked at me pissed. Eraserhead told Thirteen to evacuate the students. Kurogiri appeared and told them he won't allow them to leave. He then looked at me and said, "And you are coming back with us Izuku or your father will be pissed." All I did back was snarl and hiss at him. "What has gotten into you Izuku you were perfectly fine before we left and now your acting like this?" I didn't want to go back to that place. Then Kurogiri tried teleporting us away places. The robot guy dodged and pulled two more people out with us. Thirteen tried attacking and told the robot guy too leave and go get help. He got up and I wrapped around his neck but not choking him. He ran for the exit but kurogiri was catching up fast. A girl grabbed Kurogiri by the metal around his body and threw him. Once that happened we got out and he ran as fast as he could. All that ran through my head was "Fuck this shit I'm out" as he ran away from the building. I got sleepy on the way there and fell asleep.

There you go I did it I also made it longer than usual and it's major trash but as an elemental dragon slayer Izuku can control elements and eat them as well. For animal it's simply he can become any animal including hybrids. But yeah I did it so no more yelling at me I'll try and update again today okay? But for now my puppies, this was the one and only DogMaster, and BYE BYE!

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