Part 2 The Plan Is In Motion

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Izuku's POV

I had enough of my stupid life. Just because i was quirkless I was pushed away like an outcast. I was bullied and treated like trash. It got even worse the older I got. I was constantly told I can't be a hero, but i kept on trying for some reason. But I lost all hope and stop trying once the number 1 hero All Might told me i can't be one and pick something more realistic. That night once in my room I had torn every All Might poster and merchandise of the walls and positions on the shelves and threw them away. I even took the nameplate on my door off and threw it away. My mother asked if I was alright because of the noise I was making and I said I was fine. After I was done I went to bed without dinner.

(TimeSkip Brought To You By Katsuki's Meanness)

I woke up not in the best mood. I hated the dream I had last night and to be honest it was more like a nightmare to me. To sum up the dream was that I had see my mother tortured and killed in front of me. To me it felt to real. I got up and got dressed. I got downstairs and had a piece of toast for breakfast. I left the apartment with the piece of toast in my mouth. I ate it on the way to school. I arrived in class and took my seat. I sat quietly until 7th period when the teacher said something I was hoping he didn't say. "So Izuku you want to go to UA too right?" Right after he had said that Katsuki had slammed his hands on my desk and looked pissed. (again not writing the whole conversation) He then said before he left, "Hey Deku why don't you take a swan dive off the roof of the school and hope that in your next life you get a quirk." After he said that i thought it over and thought that I'll take his advice. Now I'm on the roof of the school standing on the edge. I start to think why my life went wrong compared to the others around me. After awhile of thinking I took my final step. As I was falling too my death. My life flashed before my eyes. As soon as I hit the ground everything went black.

//?????//'s POV

It finally went the way we needed it. I watched as the quirkless boy jumped off the roof and fell to his death. Little did he know that he wouldn't leave life that easily. Once he hit the ground i told Kurogiri too take me and his bleeding broken body back to Sensei. Once we were there Sensei said, "Good work Tomura." Than Sensei did his part.

Hey everyone it's DogMaster again. I hope you enjoyed. Still I know its bad but I'm trying and am working hard to get as many chapters done as i can i have school next week Tuesday. Bye Bye My Little Puppies.

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