Chapter 17 Heat......

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(3rd POV)

All Might and Nomu got back to UA and headed to the infirmary. All Might strapped Izuku to the bed when they arrived. Nomu had flinched and looked away when All Might did. All Might left to inform his class that they will have a study hall because he had important business to attend to. Nomu watched his King as he started to stirring and starting to wake up. Recovery Girl walked into the room with All Might. Izuku shot up struggling against his restraints. He was panicked and looked around the room with fear in his eyes. Nomu rushed over to try and calm Izuku down but he was too panicked to have anything help. Izuku stuttered something while looking at Nomu. "P-pr-prince are you okay?" Izuku didn't even register what he said before his face scrunched up in pain. Nomu now named Prince knew something was wrong with his King. His King started his heat, so Prince looked for something to write with. He found paper and a pen and quickly wrote before leaving the room in a panic. All Might read the paper before handing it to Recovery Girl. All Might came closer to Izuku and removed the restraints. Izuku instantly curled up and felt discomfort. All Might became very protective of Izuku before telling Recovery Girl to watch over Izuku. All Might headed to class 1-A knowing Prince would be there.

(Izuku's POV)

I panicked seeing myself stuck to a bed. All Might and Recovery Girl were watching as Prince was trying to calm me down. I didn't realize but I asked Prince if he was okay using the name I was thinking of calling him. My body started hurting bad and getting hot. All I felt was pain and discomfort. Prince wrote something on a piece of paper then left quickly. All Might came and removed the restraints then left. I curled up instantly trying to stop the pain. Recovery Girl came over and said she was going to go get me food. Recovery Girl came back with a tray of food and placed it on the table next to me. "Izuku please try and eat or drink something. You need nutritions." Recovery Girl pleaded while trying to get me to uncurl a bit. She grabbed a glass and held it up where I can see it. I uncurled a bit and she stuck the straw into my mouth. I took a sip before curling up again and panting. "Izuku you need to drink and eat more." She said and tried again but this time I refused to uncurl. A loud smash interrupted Recovery Girl's attempts. She put the stuff down and stood in front of me and watched the door. The door was pushed open suddenly and alarms went off just as fast. Recovery Girl was shoved into the wall and knocked unconscious. I felt a hand sneak under my shirt and lift me up. I came face to face with another Nomu other than Prince. The Nomu licked my face and neck which made the heat and pain slightly go away. The Nomu grabbed my shirt with his free hand and started to pull it off. Once it was off he started licking my chest as I pushed away with my hands. The Nomu growled and tried biting my neck but I pushed away and he bit my side. I cried out in pain and tried using my quirks but they wouldn't work. All Might and Prince ran into the room as the Nomu snapped one of my arms causing me to cry out even louder. All Might grabbed me from the Nomu and punched it back a few feet. All Might rushed out of the room as Prince grabbed Recovery Girl and ran after us. The Nomu was close on our tail as All Might had cradled me in his arms. We reach the class 1-A door and All Might pushed it open. He rushed in and gentle put me against the far wall. Prince followed suit and placed Recovery Girl next to me. All Might and Prince got in a defensive stance alerting the class that something was terribly wrong. Kachan ran over to my side and tried getting me to uncurl and show him my arm. Mr. Aizawa woke up and noticed the chaos. He got up and stood in front of Recovery Girl and I because All Might told him to. The Nomu smashed through the doors as other pro heroes started attacking it. The Nomu's eyes were locked on one thing and that was me. Kachan finally forced me to uncurl and saw my broken arm. He then noticed the large bite on my side before I curled up again. The pros and Prince captured the Nomu as Aizawa and Todoroki protected us from the villains that had appeared at one point during the fight. Kachan and Aizawa were trying to hold off my Father while All Might held off All for One. Toga and Dabi were fighting all the extra pro heroes and the rest of class 1-A. A kid with a gas mask came and sent gas towards Kachan, Aizawa, and I. Kachan lost consciousness as I started to lose mine. Aizawa tried to keep fighting but he collapsed as Father pick me up. "Mustard grab that kid and I'll grab Eraserhead and we will retreat." My Father order before picking Mr. Aizawa up also. "It'll be alright Izuku we will help you get out of your pain and discomfort." My Father whispered into my ear as I drift to my dreams.

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