Part 13 STOP IT!!!

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The boys lifted themselves off the floor which they were thrown on to. Izuku was a little scared that one of them got hurt. He was about to rush over to help them, but they both put their hands up to show they were fine. Katsuki got up first and looked around the room. He noticed he was in a bedroom. Katsuki looked at Izuku before grabbing him.  

He held his arm before starting to yell at him

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He held his arm before starting to yell at him. "WHAT THE HELL DEKU?!?!" Izuku looked at him confused as to what he did. "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!" He yelled again. Izuku looked him in the eye and yelled, "STOP IT NOW!!!!!" The only thought through Katsuki's head was 'Oh shit he has never yelled before.' When Izuku yelled it caused Katsuki to lose his grip. 

Izuku's POV 

I had yelled at Kachan causing him to loosen his grip on my arms. I shifted to my dragon form and flew to my hanging dragon bed. I laid down facing away from them. Shinso was quiet the  whole time probably not sure what to do. I was about to turn around when the door made a unlocking sound. Someone was gonna come in the room. I stood up and turned around. Once turned around I laid back down and watched the room like a hawk. The person came in and was about to say something when Kachan lunged at him. I flew down as quick as possible and enlarged myself. I laid on him before he could attack the person who came in. All I heard after that was laughter. I looked at the person and it was the that one guy that claimed to be dad. "Hi Father," I said pretending to be really happy. I could tell Kachan was getting impatient will me. At this point I was in human form just sitting on top of him. "Hi Izuku, How is my little boy and his friends?" He asked. "We're just fine but when are we aloud to leave my bedroom?" I asked trying to hint Kachan and Shinso on what I'm doing. They seemed to catch on. "Well I'll have to take to All for One before that but I'll get you guys dinner while you wait." With that he left and either forgot to lock the door or pulling a trick on us. They looked at me and I signaled that we shouldn't leave it may be a trick. While we sat there for a moment Kachan got up and grabbed a book. He walked over to me which I was sitting on the bed. After sitting down he pulled me into his lap. He handed me the book so we could look at it. 

After awhile I started to get sleepy

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After awhile I started to get sleepy. Kachan could probably tell. Shinso was still quiet while shooting glares at Kachan. I final had fallen asleep still in Katsuki's lap. 

(Time Skip Brought To You By My Failure Of An Author)

I woke up laying on something soft. I tried to move but I was held down by something or someone. I was trying to see whom or what was holding me down. I felt pressure on both sides of me. I was about to shift into a small animal to escape when if felt myself get pulled in one direction. I then felt myself pulled into the other direction. I heard a growl from whom sounded like Kachan. I was than roughly pulled away from the other direction. I shifted to a dragon and was about to run when I felt hands wrap around my wings and lift me up. I looked up to see whom was grabbing me. It turned out to be that Handyman guy. I heard two sets of growls. I looked at the direction it came from. Kachan and Shinso were glaring at Handyman. To be honest while I was away with the heros I forgot his name. He looked at Kachan and Shinso and said, "Sorry to take away your snuggle toy but his father needs him." He said it with so much sarcasm you could feel it. (If that's even possible)

He turned around me still in his arms holding me carefully. He walked to the door and left the to males still on the bed. After what felt like ten minutes of walking we stopped in front of a door I knew too well. The fucking training room. Oh fuck was all that played through my head as I know what is was here for. I don't wanna train tho it hurt like hell last time. He placed me in the center of the room. My Father came out with that dreaded whip. He whipped the ground next to me. WHAT THE FUCK DON'T THEY WANT ME TO TRUST THEM NOT FEAR THEM? He gave me the command to attack Dabi who I had to fight for training. I was not compliant at first and received a whip to the back. I let at a dragon yelp before charging at Dabi. I enlarged myself and use my elemental dragon slayer quirk. I tried to think of elements to mix together to make the strongest attack. I was running and avoiding attacks from Dabi at the same time making it hard to think. My Father got mad due to the one sided attacks happening. He whipped me hard causing an attack from Dabi to hit me. It didn't really affect me. He then punched my dragon form hard enough to launch me back. I spread out my wings only to receive a smack of the whip on them. I fell and got hit hard again by Dabi. I shifted to my cheetah form.

I ran as fast as my cheetah form could go and attacked Dabi while avoiding the whip

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I ran as fast as my cheetah form could go and attacked Dabi while avoiding the whip. I had gotten in three good attacks before finally getting hit by the whip. After getting hit by the whip Dabi took the opportunity to grab my neck and burn it. I yelped and struggled to get away. He grabbed my face and forced me to inhale smoke. I was getting light headed when he dropped my already limp body. I was covered in nasty cuts and burns. Some cuts were very large, some deep, and some just from the whip. I had whip marks all over me. I had realized he obviously hit me more than I even felt. I was about to pass out when I felt someone pick me up. I caught a glimpse of Father before passing out entirely.

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