What's Hot About Your Sign

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Aries: Your fiery energy. The way you move your hands while you talk, your passion.
Taurus: Your voice and how gentle you are. The fact you're not afraid to voice your opinions.
Gemini: Your humour and your symmetrical face. The fact that you know everyone's secrets.
Cancer: Your presence is just hot. And how moody you are. You're moonlike eyes.
Leo: Your dominance and attitude. The fact you can make anyone do anything for you.
Virgo: Your rationality and modesty. Dark humour and recklessness. Amazing body.
Libra: Your curiosity and righteousness. Curvy body and flirty attitude.
Scorpio: the fact you can set the mood in the room anytime you want. How manipulative you are, and your deep understanding for others.
Sagittarius: How blunt you are. The way you look at something when you want it. The fact you're just wild.
Capricorn: How distant you are. Your mannerisms, and the fact you can see through lies.
Aquarius: Your mysteriousness and intelligence. How extroverted you are. You need to be in control.
Pisces: How playful you are. Your eyes, and the way you flirt. You're just magnetic.

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