What The Signs Enjoy

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Aries: Being expressive, sports, fidgeting, moving around, impulsiveness, living in the moment
Taurus: Fashion, relationships, money, materials, food, tranquility, peace, routine
Gemini: Voicing your thoughts, poetry, writing, journalism, religion/culture, doing something new, realism
Cancer: Art, helping others, being/feeling at home, family, pets, children, elders, music, routine, memories
Leo: Theatre, (hell yes) art, being generous, standing in the spotlight, (I guess so-yes) singing/dancing, (YASss EXCEPT dAnCInG) pets, being the best, winning, competition, confidence
Virgo: Books, learning, someone who takes care of them(they won't do it themselves tbh), when everything is organised and clean, honesty
Libra: Again; honesty, love, jewellery, pretty things, pets, relationships, crushes, attraction, tranquility, the little things, happiness
Scorpio: The unusual, the quiet, mischief, mysteries, poetry, art, books, music, instruments, anything abstract, "weird" things/people, dark humour
Sagittarius: Happy things, idealised things, travelling, thinking philosophical, cute smiles, walking, running, humour, sports, being brave or sassy
Capricorn: Work, family life, good finances, stability, honesty, sarcasm, old things, books, literature, responsibility, close friends, manners
Aquarius: Friendship, travelling, adaptability, change, the strange, humour and wittiness, freedom, equality, experiencing different things and feelings
Pisces: Dreams, art, music, abstract things, innocence and cute things, attract you, strange and weird things, being themselves, being loved, overthinking...jk they just always do that..

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