As Pleasent Things

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Aries: The feeling of excitement of being reckless and breaking rules, feeling the fire in your eyes (To bring back the fire in her eyesss, that girl, she used to be-)
Taurus: Walking through nature and picking the pretty flowers
Gemini: The fascination of watching leaves twirl in the light breeze
Cancer: The Addicting scent of fresh earth after it rains
Leo: The satisfaction of winning something you told yourself you would, people seeing your worth and fire within you
Virgo: Sitting at the window as a small child, scrutinising the world with its wonders
Libra: Car rides during sunset in the summer, the windows does with the wind hitting your face
Scorpio: Laying in bed (oh really? *inserts Lenny face*) Lost in thoughts flinching occasionally at the booming thunder
Sagittarius: Bonfires cackling And sizzling and swatting off pesky mosquitoes and setting off fireworks
Capricorn: Trying to climb trees and getting sap and splinters irritating your palm, passing them off as battle scars, for a later story to tell
Aquarius: A large gust of wind outside hitting your face and tornado watches as rain floods your yard shallowly
Pisces: Naming cloud shapes and daydreaming possibilities either about a fight, or a love

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