The Signs With Friends And Family

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Aries with friends: Offensive jokes, funny, interesting
Aries with enemies: Bitch doesn't even waste their breath on you you're equivalent to dirt under their shoe
Taurus with friends: Either serious or completely serious, good ball
Taurus with enemies: Death glare, constantly bitching just loud enough for you to hear
Gemini with friends: Inside jokes, dancing, smiling
Gemini with enemies: Constantly attacking you, will find every excuse as to why argue
Cancer with friends: Cute, nice, acts airheaded, very close
Cancer with enemies: Doesn't even look at you, has a sorta intimidating stare
Leo with friends: Extroverted, silly, does weird shit with you all the time
Leo with enemies: Probably doesn't speak to you, mean, annoying
Virgo with friends: Serious, caring, motherly, but can joke around once in a while
Virgo with enemies: Laughs at everything you do, bitches about you
Libra with friends: Extremely nice, helpful, loving, supportive
Libra with enemies: Contradicts everything you say, pulls the "wow, you're really annoying and dumb" eyebrow lift all the time
Scorpio with friends: Open, calm, memes, talkative
Scorpio with enemies: Looks you up an down, can smell your fear, pulls disgusted faces at you
Sagittarius with friends: Giggly, energetic, interesting
Sagittarius with enemies: Doesn't make eye contact, but will cuss the fuck outta you on social media
Capricorn with friends: Loud, narcissist, flirty, witty
Capricorn with enemies: Straight up calls you out for everything with Gemini, is not afraid to start fucking shit with you
Aquarius with friends: Open, laughing, memes, funny and cool
Aquarius with enemies: Either roasts the shit outta you, or death glares and bitches about you behind your back
Pisces with friends: Silly, confused, extroverted, interesting
Pisces with enemies: Whispers about you, laughs at you with their friends

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