What Makes You Beautiful

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Aries: You're so strong! You walk and talk so confidently no one can hurt you and they really can't. You are so fearless, determined and daring; it's so beautiful!
Taurus: Your warm heart! When you smile and reach out your arms for a hug. You're so cuddly and dependable. Nobody loves animals more then you! Your friendly and calm way is what makes you beautiful!
Gemini: Your way with words! You are incredibly funny and charming! When you tell stories and talk and joke around and allow yourself to be, that is when you're most beautiful!
Cancer: You're so nurturing and caring! Your friends can always count on you! You understand everyone and want everyone to feel loved and wanted. And that's a incredibly beautiful characteristic!
Leo: Your confidence! You might be shy or a little insecure but you know your worth deep down inside, yet your so humble and sweet! (Pfft sweet? You got the wrong sign, I ain't sweet) Finding someone who is embracing themselves is so rare nowadays and so beautiful!
Virgo: Your perfecting personality! The way you handle difficult situations and how organised you are. You're so kind hearted as well! You give the best advice! Your diligent character is so beautiful!
Libra: Your place loving and friendly way! You're so sentimental, yet logical...it's incredible! You are so easy to get along with. Your sincere and outgoing personality is absolutely beautiful!
Scorpio: Your power! Your intense stare is so deep and intimidating! You handle your overwhelming emotions so well and hide your insecurities behind that powerful way. Your so charismatic and loving! And that's truly beautiful!
Sagittarius: Your so free minded/ spirited! You want to explore the world with passion. You're so optimistic and honest it's so refreshing. Your philosophical and adventurous way is pure beauty!
Capricorn: You're a workaholic! Most people label you as boring or cold but that wrong: loyal, focused and a classy lady/gentleman! You will achieve what most of us dream about. Your ambitious and independent mind is so beautiful!
Aquarius: You are so unique! You don't care what others say, you just do your thing. You're practical yet you think intuitively. You're different, fair minded and affable personality is a blessing and beautiful!
Pisces: You're creative and a real sweetheart! You want the best for everyone! Some might call you naive but you're a dreamer. You want to make a change in this world and I believe you can! Your imaginative and sensitive character is absolutely beautiful!

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