Zodiac Crushes

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Aries: The prettiest smile, and the weirdest laugh, long gorgeous hair, unintentionally funny, always wanted to go adventures with me, tall and handsome.
Taurus: Seemed like a fuckboy, turned out to be the most caring little cutie, was ready to do everything and anything for me, first love, would pick me up for late night drives, loved cuddling.
Gemini: Quirky and cute, definitely a fuckboy, thoughtful, deep thinker and great to have serious conversations about life with, heartbreaker.
Cancer: Seemed weird at first, was weird but also so caring, sweet, smart and funny, wanted everyone to be happy. GREAT body, very sexy without knowing it, someone I'd have lots of fun with (What type? Lmao).
Leo: Fun to be around, (PFFT) giggly and jokey,(Okay true) breathtakingly beautiful, amazing at singing (I won't say I'm amazing I'm just good I guess), loved animals more then anything, good at sports (oh hell no), first girl crush.
Virgo: Sarcastic, beautiful on the outside but gorgeous on the inside, gave actually good advice, philosophical, gamer girl, good party host.
Libra: Tried to seem harsh and cool but actual sweetheart one you got to know him, always wants you to read his favourite books, creative and handy, helpful in situations.
Scorpio: Looked like someone from a band, an asshole at first but very cute and great listener, was always low-key sad, pushed you away when you wanted to help him, smelled ridiculously good.
Sagittarius: Seemed goofy, funny, caring at first but turned out to be the biggest fuckboy, helped you realise new things about yourself, hot and handsome,  great for having a laugh with, loved going to parties with them
Capricorn: Always wanted the best for me, the type of person who always checked I got home safe, protective, supportive, kinda serious most of the time but goofy with you when alone
Aquarius: Straight to the point, honest, great athlete and singer, best hugger, weird humour, very masculine, the one you'll never completely get over
Pisces: Sweet, emotional, fell in love fast, big music fan, great at school even though they won't admit it, quite jealous, if they like you they will always put you first no matter what, the kind of person you'd want to protect at all costs, clingy (so true)

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