Sterotype vs Reality

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Aries: The stereotype is that an Aries is impatient. The reality is, they're probably the most patient people you'll come across, they're just excited and ready to go. They're always willing to wait for you while you need to get something done.
Taurus: The stereotype is that a Taurus is stubborn. Reality is, they're the most compromising individuals. They just want you to be happy even if they have to give up the fight.
Gemini: The stereotype is that a Gemini is two-faced. The reality is, a Gemini is the most "real" person you will ever meet. They don't fake themselves for anyone.
Cancer: The stereotype is that a Cancer is shy. Reality is, they're not. They just need people to take the time to get to know them and suddenly they will be the most talkative person you know.
Leo: The stereotype is that a Leo wants to be the centre of attention. The reality is, they actually hate being on the stage or having all eyes on them. They only want the attention of maybe that one special someone in their lives.
Virgo: The stereotype is that a Virgo is unemotional. Reality is that they are, but they only show that side to a few people.
Libra: The stereotype is that a Libra is a flirt. Reality is, they're just generally nice people, and it gets mistaken for as flirtation too often.
Scorpio: The stereotype is that a Scorpio is always mad. The reality is, they just like having someone that can throw around and banter with. It's not always angry, but some people don't understand that.
Sagittarius: The stereotype is that a Sagittarius is judgemental. Reality is, they are very accepting, and if they give you a weird look or ask a lot of questions, it's really because they want to get to know you. They don't know how to show that sometimes.
Capricorn: The stereotype is that a Capricorn is a pessimist. The reality is, they're not, they're very hopeful individuals, even when they're complaining or upset, they have an optimistic hope in them that most of us don't have.
Aquarius: The stereotype is that an Aquarius is a Bitch. The reality is, it's resting bitch face and once you get past it they're going to surprise you.
Pisces: The stereotype is that a Pisces is emotional. The reality is, they only tend to be that way if they feel very passionate about something or if they're stressed. If they seem emotional, they need you.

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