Hopes and Wishes For The Signs

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Aries: I wish you would not be so compulsive.
I hope you face every challenge in your life with complete faith and courage.
Taurus: I wish you were not so stubborn.
I hope you find things that comfort you wherever you go. That way, you won't have to fear the changes in your life.
Gemini: I wish you would not play so many games.
I hope you ease your anxiety and embrace and love every side of yourself.
Cancer: I wish you would not give away so much of your energy to people who aren't open to your help.
I hope you become a mother to yourself; you learn how to nurture and care for your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.
Leo: I wish you would not be so pushy for attention.
I hope you never stop seeing the goodness and divine in yourself.
Virgo: I wish you would stop knit picking at every little thing.
I hope you realise that true perfection comes when you accept both the things you can and cannot change in your life. (I just wanna say this advice for Virgos, and I'm not against Virgos, but I usually have a bad run in with them, but if you continue to want everything to be perfect you can loose a lot of people).
Libra: I wish you would not worry so much about what others think of you.
I hope you learn to be objective and to use your kindness, mercy, understanding, and sense of justice to meditate problems and disagreements.
Scorpio: I wish you would not obsess over the bad people.
I hope you learn to heal the shadow sides of yourself, thus being a role model to others who also want to heal themselves.
Sagittarius: I wish you would not leave so many people behind on your search of something better.
I hope you find the knowledge you've been searching for on your journey.
Capricorn: I wish you would not worry so much.
I hope one day you will rest and enjoy everything you have built for yourself and your loved ones.
Aquarius: I wish you would not block out the people who love you.
I hope that once you spend your time In your mind, you are able to open up and share your knowledge with others.
Pisces: I wish you would not look to others for your self-worth and sense of identity.
I hope you celebrate and cherish your individuality as if it were sacred.

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