Redeeming Features

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Aries: Forgiveness And forgetfulness follows their wrath
Taurus: They are that safe place, without startling surprises
Gemini: They show that laughter really is the best medicine
Cancer: They stand strong for the weak
Leo: Their ego is as big as their heart
Virgo: They're anxious because they care
Libra: Their agreeable nature comes from a resistance to conflict
Scorpio: They know the preciousness of secrets
Sagittarius: They would live and laugh as a prince or a pauper
Capricorn: An enduring nature supports ones they care about
Aquarius: Their love is scattered amongst us all
Pisces: They reflect the best of ourselves

Hi, I'm so, so sorry for not updating! I delegated the Zodiacs looks since I couldn't find the website again and I realised some of it contained really inaccurate info sooo, anyways I'm back and updating!!

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