Questions I have for the sign

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~Beware~ This is actually very emotionally true, well at least for me, and it's kinda heartbreaking, if it's not true then the stuff I get this from might be wrong once, you have been bewared!

Aries: Why do you always pretend to not care when deep down inside you're shattering? Why do you always play this "insensitive bitch" game especially with those you claim to care about? Breaking their hearts with your hot and cold actions. Why is caring such a bad thing for you? Do you think that coldness and aloofness is not going to break your heart eventually, too?

Taurus: How can you always forgive those who made you suffer so very deeply? Those who made you feel pathetic, not worthy enough, stupid and ordinary. How many times do you have to fall and tangle yourself in the web of their lies just because you're afraid of being lonely? Afraid of not being liked. How many past mistakes does it take you in order to note down the lessons?

Gemini: Why do you always allow your feelings to mix up with your life choices, seeing as if you change your mind 10 times per minute? Why are you, deep down, so afraid that you're going to end up alone and sad if you give up on toxic people? On people that don't deserve you. How can someone so confident and bold be fooled this easily?

Cancer: Why do you always feel the need to fit in, to blend in with all these boring ass people and their stupid standards of beauty, intellect or humour? Why can't you take a deep breath and accept yourself, without needing to feel this powerful need to be liked by everyone. Without trying to be their kind of cool. Be your kind of cool. Can you do that?

Leo: Can you actually stop wanting to be right all the time? Can you actually accept the fact you make mistakes too, just like everyone else? Can you just sit down and finally admit you're suffering? That deep down you know you're wrong and that shatters your confidence? You're not alone. And certainly not ridiculous for feeling down.

Virgo: Why do you stress over so little? Why do you have this enormous need to have control over everything? Perhaps you have self issues, a desire so strong for perfectionism that you can't accept life as it is sometimes. But do you think stressing over building the perfect kingdom is going to make you happy? Do you actually think power is going to last forever? Do you think that stressing is living? That perfect means happy? Just go with the fucking flow and learn to embrace imperfection for gods sake!

Libra: Does acting all nice and sweet actually make you a good person? Do you, for real, think that if you bathe a person in compliments they'll like you just like that? Is that what you do in order to gain people on your side in case one day you'll fall and don't want to be lonely? My dear, acting sweet  isn't going to get you through the pain life has to offer. Learn to say no, learn to move on, learn to be lonely. Or perhaps you don't want to? Maybe you're too scared.

Scorpio: Does watching from a distance feel good? When all you want to do is fucking go for it? When you just feel the need to approach that one person and talk, tell them everything you're feeling, with no shame. Does it feel good watching them feel happy without you, just because you're too proud of yourself to just admit that you're not as perfect as you think? Do you actually think you're stronger then everyone, when in reality you run away from everything that makes you feel unsure of yourself ? From everything that doesn't fit into imaginary patterns you drew all your life?

Sagittarius: Do you think people actually see through your bullshit? That they can't figure out when you're truly happy and glowy and when you fake all the smiles and nice comments? You're an honest person, most of the time. But that mind of yours, those feelings that you don't pay much attention to, they eventually show. And when they show, all I want to know is: Are you prepared to be alone? Misunderstood? Or do you expect all those people you kept second guessing to still stick around you?

Capricorn: Are you aware of your own rudeness when you show off that big ego you've got? Are you that insecure that you can't afford people judging you? Why do you always constantly feel the need to put yourself in the light that makes you perfect, showing people that you're better then them? Why are you afraid to admit you're confused too. That you don't know the answer to all questions and problems. Why do you constantly approve yourself in the eyes of society?

Aquarius: How can you wake up everyday, knowing how many terrible things stain your hands, without feeling any trace of regret? How can you so suddenly and abruptly, throw away all your emotions when you feel threatened by others? Do actually think you can run away forever from your own demons? From those emotions you tear away from your heart and pretend like you never felt them? Do you actually think, that in this way, people will stop hating? Stop trying to bring you down? Well, my dear, no. The world is fucking cruel, and I guess, so are you.

Pisces: Does the "cool" etiquette feels good to posses? Does being, two faced, mean and trashy feel good? I guess it does, at least after you gain a status of popularity. After you've got yourself a bunch of people you can call friends, but secretly hate on. Why are you doing all these things? What are you trying to prove? That you're lovable? Sweet? My dear friend, you don't have to shove this in everyone's faces. You only have to feel it deep down. You don't need lots of likes or friends to prove yourself. Or do you?

Damn that was a whole lot of typing, yessh!

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