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Madison's POV

That forest was creepy as hell, but Skylar walked through it like it was nothing.

I laughed when she screamed out and a few people stopped to look at her.

Her outlook on life was very unique and it had me intrigued from the moment she was sprawled out on the road after saving that little boy.

I was amazed by her, but shocked when I saw the treatement she received at school and worse of all from Matthew, yet through it all she kept that beautiful smile on her face.

Yes she had her own unique way to go about doing and saying things but that was no reason to treat her so horribly. When I had asked Matthew about why he did those things to her all he had was say that she deserved them but I had looked in his eyes and saw that it was something else. Something deep.

The sun hadn't gone down yet so we still had plenty of light left as she directed us in the opposite direction from our houses, pausing breifly to leave the basket on a stone bench.

"It'll be there when we get back." She said as we walked away.

***ninja stars***

"You shouldn't provoke him Skylar." I said as I stood back and watched as she kept playing around with a squirrel.

"It's cool, we're friends." She said and went back to playing with the extremely large squirrel.

"Aren't we Maurice." She said and then frowned when the squirrel paused and I swear, glared at her.

"Maurice?" She said again and moved her face closer to it while I had already moved back some more.

"You're not Maurice are you?" She spoke low to the glaring squirrel.

She stepped back and the squirrel launched itself at her and they both went down rolling around on the grass as it scratched at her and she tried to throw it off.

I watched the entire thing not entirely sure how I should help.

When she finally managed to get it off she jumped up and ran in my direction.

"Run!" She shouted but I had already left.

"Wait for me!" She said instead as the angry squirrel chased her.

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