It's okay, I'm only slightly insane(GirlxGirl)

It's okay, I'm only slightly insane(GirlxGirl)

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killainoue21hime By killainoue21hime Updated Nov 23, 2014

They want to diagnose her as insane. She'll tell you she's only a little crazy,then tell you about  purple clouds.

Skylar is the type of person who let's things roll of her back and then smile. But don't take her for being a pushover or weak, she's anything but.

During an accident she meets her angel an immediately falls in love.

Will her angel let jealousy and hateful people keep them apart or can Skylar show her that even slighly insane people deserve love too.

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SinnamonTongue SinnamonTongue May 29, 2017
Just so you know, its i before e except after c, so it would be weird, not wierd . I used to do that too.
TohkaWolfLOVER TohkaWolfLOVER Jul 19, 2017
My mind is alsow like that. Thinking of getting something to eat them I think about my favorite TV show.
missyred101619 missyred101619 Oct 05, 2016
......😂😂😂 my mind does that I'll be thinking about something... And it'll switch to thinking about something for ex: I was thinking about putting something in the trash can....and then I started thinking about whales😂😂😂
OneTrueFan OneTrueFan Mar 31, 2015
How does saving a little boys life earn a life time punishment of grounding....... I figure this would be the moment where the president comes driving up in his armored limo and this huge party is thrown.
TheAlias TheAlias Jul 13, 2014
OMG you have no idea how hard I just laughed when I read that.
SooCute_23 SooCute_23 Jul 13, 2014
What the fck was that?? 'Grounded for the rest of her life' my a$$ xD