Dodge Ball

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I didn't see Madison the entire day and my good mood was starting to drop. I ended up sculking through the halls with a scowl on my face.

The good news was that no one really bothered me and that kept my mood from plummeting too much.

I had P.E last period and for once I smiled at the thought of going into the gym today, a little exercise should improve my mood.

Or maybe rice crispy treats.

None of the girls acknowledged my presence when I walked into the locker room and I went over to my locker to change.

I was the last one finished so the last one out of the room and the last one in the gym.

"Almost late again Skylar." Coach Styles said and I saluted her.

"Almost doesn't count." I said and she chuckled. Some of the teachers have gotten used to my antics, they know I don't really mean anything by them, it's just how I am.

"Today you guys will be playing dodgeball." Coach announced much to the displeasure of my classmates.

All except me, I was grinning from ear to ear. Who wouldn't love being able to throw circle shaped projectiles at the people who torment them almost daily and not get in trouble for it.

She split us into two teams making me one of the captians. I picked the people who ignored me and that left my daily tormentors on the other team.

"Let's get to work." I said when both teams were formed and were told to go to our side of the gym.

We all got ready and as soon as coach blew her whistle I took off and scooped up two balls and threw one with everything I had.

It sailed through the air and I swear I heard a little "pshew" after it left my hand and planted itself in one of the girls' faces.

She shrieked and held her face as I released the other ball that caught another girl on her thigh. The leg that got hit  gave out and she dropped to one knee as I dodged all the balls being thrown at me.

Three of my teamates were already out and the other team had lost five, I caught a ball coming at me and eliminated another player and threw the caught ball at a unsuspecting girl who was running from another thrown ball.

The ball knocked her on her ass and she out. Two more people from my side were out and another from the other side.

There were only five of us left in the game. Three on my side and two on theirs. I managed to get one person out so that left one lone coconut floating in the ocean.

Looking over at the other two girls on my team, I smirked and they all seemed to be having the same idea as me and we all converged on the last girl and pummeled her.

Coach Valdez blew the whistle and I smiled. The game had burned off a little of my bad mood, enough that I wasn't scowling at everything now.

Now I just have to find Madison and my day will be all sparkly again.

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