Are you Okay?

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I skipped down the street and I could feel the people were looking out of their windows and shaking their heads at me.

I was counting all the cracks in the tiles and thinking about how my mom had tried to get me to try some new type of exerimental medicine.

I rolled my eyes at the thought of it and then I started thinking about watermelons. Wierd I know but it's the way my mind works or doesn't work, whaterver.

Anyway, I continue skipping down the street and see Micheal and a few of his friends walking in my direction.

Micheal and I used to be best friends, we met in kindergarden when we fought over a swing, he pushed me down and I went ninjs turtles on him, the teachers had finally pulled us apart after he pulled my pigtale and I punched him in the nose, after that we were the best of friends until he saw how different I was from other girls our age. He said he couldn't be friends with a wierdo and left. That was almost five years ago. Now you wouldn't even be able to tell that we used to be friends at all.

I was planning to just pass them until one of his frinds grabbed my wrist and pulled me to a stop.

Automatically my other hand shot up and the heel of my hand smashed into his nose, the boy immediately let go of my hand and grabbed his bleeding face.

"Silly rabbit tricks are for kids." I said to the injured boy then looked at the rest of them to see them looking at me like I was insane. Only slightly though. I shrugged my shoulders and turned on my heel and continued my skip down the street away from the staring boys.

"Hello Skylar!" Ms. Jones shouted out as I skipped past her house.

"Hey Ms.J, how's it hanging?" I asked and she laughed at my choice of words.

"Everything is going wonderful dear, tell your mother I said hello." She said and I saluted her.

I continued on my merry way and came to the crosswalk.

I waited for the light to change and pushed the pedestrian crossing signal. Rocking from side to side I moved to a beat that only I could hear.

I was so into my inner music that I didn't see the little person dash past me into the street.

It was the screaming behind me that made me take notice.

I looked behind me to see a harried looking woman pushing a baby in a stroller as she screamed and pointed at something behind me.

My brows furrowed as I turned back around to look and saw a small blonde haired little boy holding a red ball in his hands while looking around confused in the middle of the street.

A red sedan was speeding down the street showing no signs of slowing down. Without even stopping to think twice about it, I ran forward and scooped the little boy up, there wouldn't be any time to go backwards so I moved forwards and felt something heavy hit my side.

I squeezed the little boy tighter as a woman screamed and my view of the world started shifting from the road to the sky and back again.

It seemed to on forever until only the sky was in my blurry sight. I felt the little boy squirm and my arms dropped away from him as his hysterical mother ran over to him crying.

She picked him up and started kissing all over his face. I wanted to say 'hey I'm still down here.' but my body felt heavy.

I tried to get up and groaned at the pain in my side and I felt hands pushing me back down.

"Don't move I think you broke something." A beautiful voice said and I turned my head to the side and saw the most beautiful thing in the entire milky way.

The beautiful person was pressing something against my side and my vision wavered from the pain.

"I already called and ambulance, I can't believe the person just hit them and ran?" The beautiful person said to the woman who was crying more than her son.

I knew I was going to pass out but I had to talk to this beautiful person. I opened my mouth and spoke the words that had just popped into my head.

"Are you and angel?"

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