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"Are you an angel." I asked the girl who was leaning over me and trying to stop the blood that I didn't know was flowing from my head and kepping whatever she had against my side.

"No." She says and presses her jacket harder against my head.

"You look like and angel, you probably smell like one too." I manage to slur out.

"How do you know what an angel smells like?" She asks trying to make conversation and keep me awake.

I shrugged my shoulder and winced as pain shot through my head.

"Don't move." The angel above me said and I smiled at her.

I could hear the ambulance off in the distance getting closer. I looked up at my angel again and tried to focus in on her, which was really hard to do.

Her blonde hair stopped at her chin and she had the most sparkly blue eyes I have ever seen.

"Your beautiful." I said and watched as a blush stole across her cheeks.

She pressed the jacket harder against my head and side and I groaned.

"Your delusional." She muttered and shook her head at me and wiped some of the blood of the side of my mouth.

"Maybe but you're still beautiful." I said and she blushed.  By now a crowd had formed around us and the woman and her son were also leaning by my side. The baby push was also parked by me and a little girl was smiling down at me.

The ambulance pulled up and the angel backed away as they pushed her to side and placed a neck brace on me. I tried to keep my eyes open and on her but it was getting harder and harder by the second.

When they put the oxygen mask on my face, I started to panic a little and tried pulling it off my face but warm, soft hands pulled my hands away.

I looked up into the eyes of my angel. Yes my angel. She smiled down at me as they started to wheel me into the ambulance.

"Are you family?" One of the technicians stopped my angel from getting in.

"No." She said and tried to pull her hand from mine but I held on as tight as I could.

"Miss, you have to let her hand go so we can treat you." The other technician said and I shook my head no, but I guess I shouldn't have done that as I finally lost consiousness.


The smell of anitbacterial and bleach burned my nose. It was a scent I was all too familiar with and a smell I wanted to be far away from.

I opened my eyes and had to slam them shut as the bright lights burned my eyes. I had to inch them open and sqint until my eyes adjusted.

Groaning I tried to sit up and felt wires connected to me. The heart moniter started beeping faster and I calmed down so the doctors wouldn't come.

Looking around my room I saw my mom and dad sleeping on the couch and sighed. I was never gonna hear the end of this.

I swept my gaze over the room and did a double take when I saw a head of blonde hair sleeping at the end of my bed. My heart rate sped up and the moniters started going crazy.

Her head shot up as she looked around before her blue eyes locked on mine.

I opened my mouth and said the same thing I said to her the first time.

"Are you an angel?" I asked and she blushed and giggled. I chuckled and then groaned as my side started hurting.

My angel stood up from her seat and walked over to me and gently lowered me back down onto the bed.

"If all you wanted to do was get me in bed, all you had to do was say so." I told her and she blushed.

"Hush you." She said smiling at me. We stared into each others eyes until someone cleared their throat and my angel jumped back.

My father stood from his seat on the couch slowly so as not to wake mom and looked between the two of us. My angel stepped away and I frowned.

"What's up Pops?" I asked and he shook his head and smiled at me. He came over and gently rubbed the top of my head and I could feel a bandage wrapped aound my head.

"Everythings ok now kiddo, but you did give us quite a scare." He said and I looked down in shame. I hated making my parents angry or disappointed in me.

A finger under my chin titled my head up and I looked into my fathers brown eyes."That was very brave of you Skylar, but also very foolish. I'm thankful that you didn't get hurt any worse than you already are." He said and I smiled up at him.

"How's the litle boy?" I asked when I remembered.

"He's fine, a few scrapes but nothing serious." He said and I smiled again. My eyes sgifted to my angel who was still in the room just silently watching the conversation with a smile on her beautiful face.

"What's your name?" I ask her and my father turns towards her also.

"Madison." She tells me and I smile thinking that that is the most beautiful name in the world.

"Well Madison, I want to thank you for helping my daughter and being there for her." My father said and held out his hand for her to shake.

They shook hands and then both looked back at me but my eyes were for Madison only. 

"Would you like to go out with me sometime?" I blurt and she blushes while my father chuckles.

Before she could answer another person in the room spoke up and I groaned.

"I'm sorry Madison but Skylar with have to change her future plans seeing as she's going to be grounded for the rest of her life."

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