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Skylar's POV

"You could have at least pretended to wait for me." I panted beside Madison as I tried to catch my breath.

Who knew squirrels could be so fast?

"I warned you not to egg it on." Madison said shrugging her shoulders as I tried to get the rest of the branches out of my hair.

I had ran through some bushes in my attempt to esacpe non-Maurice while Madison was so far ahead of me I couldn't even catch up to her.

"You sat down on a bench and watched." I said dryly and she laughed.

"Well I got tired after a while, plus it was fun watching you duck and dodge an angry squirrel." She said and I glared playfully at her.

"If I hadn't of tripped on that rock, I would have gotten away too." I grumbled and she laughed again.

A rock had decided it wanted to be known so it popped up out of nowhere and took me down. Hard.

Non- Maurice had pounced on me and we ended up rolling on the ground fighting until he just stopped and left.

I watched him scuttle away until he turned around and I swear flipped me off.

That had set Madison off on a laughing spree while I picked myself up off the floor.

"Come on." I said taking her hand after I had managed to get a decent amount of dirt and leaves off of me.

"Where are we going?" She asked and I shook my head without looking back at her.

Leading her to the local children's home, I pushed open the door and was immediately tackled by a small body.

"Skylar!" The little body screamed and I smiled down at the girl releasing Madison's hand.

"Hey Steph, how's it hanging?" I asked and she smiled up at me before I placed her on the floor.

"Like a monkey." She replied and we bumped knuckles as she led me past Linda the desk worker and into the play room.

I stopped at the door and saw all my little friends playing and smiled.

"Going in?" Madison asked from behind me and I stepped into the room and got into my pose before I started singing.

"Guess who's back.

Back again

Skylar's back

Tell a friend.

I sang and they all stopped what they were doing before I was tackled to the ground with little people covering me.

I laughed as they swarmed over me and I could hear Madison laughing as well. I saw a thick hand reach down into the pile and grip my forearm before I was hauled up.

"Thanks." I said to Jerry and he shook his head laughing at me.

"No problem Sky." He said before walking away to join other older children.

The little tykes had stopped trying to trample me because they were too busy staring at Madison.

"Beautiful isn't she?" I asked no one in particular but they all nodded yes as Madison blushed.

"Well guys." I say clapping my hands to get their attention. "Let's get to work shall we?" I said and they all screamed out in excitement before moving off to their area.

"What're we doing here?" Madison asked but I just took her hand leading her over to them and pulled out a can.

"Painting of course."

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