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I sat next to Madison after I had set out all the food and drinks.

"Thanks." Madison said and picked up one of the sandwiches.

Taking a bite she smiled and nodded her approval at me and I smiled back thankful that the deli shop had done it's job.

"So what's next on our little adventure?" She asked and I smirked at her.

"Wouldn't you like to know." I said and her eyes narrowed and I swallowed a little bit afraid of her glare.

She softened it up a little and smirked at me before leaning closer and kissing me lightly before she pulled back smiling innocently at me.

Reaching up I touched my lips with my hand mystified that she just did that.

I looked around expecting rainbow monkeys to start appearing and attacking us for the food but after a minute of no sighting I went back to my food and felt Madison looking at me.

"You okay Skylar?" She asked and I smiled at her.

"Yup, just on the look out." I said and her brows furrowed.

"On the lookout for what?" She asked looking around.

"Rainbow monkeys." I said seriously and her eyes widened before I burst out laughing.

"I'm kidding." I said and she chuckled while shaking her head at me. "Maybe." I added under my breath.

We ate our snacks in silence after that but I enjoyed the quiet with Madison. It was peaceful, never awkward.

"You go first." I said packing up the little basket as she climbed down the steps.

When I got to the bottom I walked us back in the direction we had come and Madison latched on me again when we heard something moving in the bushes.

"Just so you know Madison I'm not the best person to run besides or to look to for protection. If something chases us I'm gone." I said and she looked at me in disbelief and chuckled but I was dead serious.

Remembering the time Mrs. Brown's ten year old son and I walked past the Johnson's fenced in yard. We weren't expecting the gate to be open so when their dog came after us we both took off in the same direction but I was faster and felt Coby's hand on the back of my shirt as he held onto me.

I swatted his hand off as we both screamed while running and the next thing I know he was starting to pass me.

I wasn't about to get caught by that dog so I unintentionally swept one foot out and Coby went down while I got away. He screamed when the Shih tzu got to him.

He hasn't talked to me since. Sorry, but I will leave you behind. I must survive.

Don't worry, I got you're back." I told Madison and she smiled as we exited the woods.

"Onward to our adventure!" I shouted and she laughed at me.

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