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I was really bummed when I had woken up the next day to find that I had missed my date with Madison.

Mom kept poking me with a thermometer and forcing medicine down my throat until I almost passed out.

She got no complaints from me as the quicker I got better, the quicker I could get to see Madison.


The next day at school I walked to my locker receiving my usual taunts and placed my bag inside, before I could close it a muscled arm reached over my head and I turned around to see Micheal standing over me.

"What?" I asked annoyed that he was ruining my happy mood. Does he have no idea how many pills it takes to get me this happy?

"Stay away from Madison, she doesn't need to have her reputation ruined by hanging out with a freak like you." He sneered at me and I smiled and for a second, just an instant I saw his face soften. If I had blinked I would have missed it.

"No can do captain, the little miss and I have a date planned." I said and his face darkened.

"What do you mean you have a date? There no way Madison would go out with someone as insane as you. This has to be some type of joke." He said and I continued smiling.

"Okay technically I'm only slightly insane, slightly, you can't forget to add that part. It's very important and it's none of your business if Madison decides to do something together with me and I'm very ashamed that you would come over here and threaten me. I know the two of us aren't friends anymore but the Micheal I knew wouldn't stoop to the level of being a common thug." I said and he took a step back.

"I'll let this go because it seems like you're not entirely in your right mind." I stopped there to giggle at the irony at my words.

"Anyway I've got to get to class." I told him and walked away.

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