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"Okay you have to jump to this stone, not the one closest to you, if you do you'll slip and fall in." I told Madison as I waited for her to cross the stream.

"Why couldn't we have just walked across the bridge right there?" She asked pointing to her right and I looked at the large bridge that had people walking across it.

"Where's the fun in that?" I asked as she hopped to the first stone.

Jumping to the next stone she looked up at me with a smile on her face as she lept to the last stone.

Her smile dropped and my eyes widened as her foot slipped off the last stone.

I jumped towards her as her arms swung backwards and wrapped my arms around her waist jerking her towards me almost dropping our picnic basket.

Her flailing around almost sent us both tumbling into the water until she realised she wasn't going to fall and wrapped her arms around my neck.

She was breathing hard and her eyes were wide as she looked at me. I had a smile on my face and was trying my hardest not laugh.

"You okay?" I asked after a few seconds of us just staring at each other.

"Yeah, thanks." She said and I pulled her back a little before I let her go.

"Come on then, let's go." I said turning away from her and walking towards the woods.

"Wait, we're going in there." She asked and I turned around walking backwards and smiled at her.

"Yep, now come on." I said and watched her shake her head before following after me.

Stopping at the edge of the woods I waited for her to catch up.

Holding out my hand for her and she locked her hand with mine as I pulled her after me through the trees.

The further in we went the darker it got and the tighter the grip on my hand got.

"You do know where you're going right?" She asked after we had been walking for a while.

"No, not really." I said and was immediately pulled to a stop.

"What?!" She yelled as she looked around the dark woods and I laughed.

"I'm just kidding, relax, I know where I'm going." I said and she glared at me.

Laughing I continued pulling us forward, deeper in the woods.

"How much longer?" She asked as after another ten minutes and I helped her over a large branch.

"We're almost there, a few more minutes." I said and just like I had told her it only was a few more minutes.

She gasped when we stepped into the small clearing.

There were wild purple flowers growing everywhere and it really was a beautiful sight and when I directed her gaze upwards she gasped again when she caught sight of my tree house.

It was built in between two large oak trees with a ladder built into one of the tree trunks. It wasn't that impressive but my dad and I had built it together one summer when I was younger and I was very proud of what my little hands had accomplished.

I climbed up the ladder and she followed behind me, when I got to the top I opened the tree house door for her and she laughed at what she saw inside.

It was a single four wall tree house with pictures of Barney and Big Bird on the walls. A large grey carpet in the middle of the room and one window.

"Welcome to my paradise." I said and went about setting up our picnic.

"This really was an adventure." She said and I frowned and looked up at her.

"This wasn't our adventure, this is just snack time."

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